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Motion Tween a function that allows movement of an object across the stage - or can make it grow, shrink, rotate, fade, or change color continuously over time.
Shape Tween a function used to change an object automatically from one shape to another.
Key frame a frame in the timeline where something new appears - all new objects need a key frame
Frame rate number of frames displayed per second, the higher frame rate creates smoother animations
Stage (1) the area that will become visible in the final published animation (2) the working canvas for the animator
Timeline bar that shows placement and timing of objects, shapes, layers, and key frames
Library a holding place for all symbols and imported images and sounds within a single file, once a symbol is created and it is saved in the library to be used repeatedly throughout the animation by dragging the symbol onto the stage from the library
Symbol graphic, button, or movie clip used to create an animation - a button symbol responds when user clicks the mouse or rolls over it - a movie clip symbol is a static image or a piece of animation
Action Script programming language used to control the flow of a movie, control events in a movie, created more complicated animations, perform numeric calculations, and allow for user interaction with an animation or movie.
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