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(CK) Witch Ch 4-8 V

(CK) Witch Ch 4-8 Voc

trying to seem very important Tonight he appeared to be a shadow, hanging on every word from this _____ opinionated man. pompous
easily seen; clearly visible "But he has hardly seen her - only for a moment after Meeting," said Rachel. "She was _____ enough," replied Matthew. conspicuous
unwillingly because of anger or resentment ______ Matthew lifted the Bible and placed it in John Holbrook's hand. grudgingly
to squirm or move about uneasily The family downed the awful lumpy mess in a silence that made Kit _____. writhe
well known, especially for something bad The whole family had gone without sugar since Sunday to make sure that the minister's _____ sweet tooth would be satisfied. notorious
scolded "Why, Judith," Mercy _____ her. "What would you have her do?" rebuked
to spread from one to another Judith blossomed suddenly in the firelight, and her laughter was _____. infectious
a person who pretends to be very good but isn't "He is a _____!" Matthew's fist crashed down on the table. hypocrite
suffered greatly Mercy certainly did not consider herself _____. afflicted
sudden or quick With an _____ scrape of wood, Matthew pushed back his chair. abrupt
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