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(CK) Outsiders Ch3-4

(CK) Outsiders Chapters 3-4 Comp

How does Cherry explain the difference between greasers and Socs? The greasers are more emotional than Socs and Socs are too sophisticated.
Who said "I ain't got nobody"? Johnny said he didn't have anyone.
Why didn't Soda let his parents know how upset he was when his horse was sold? He knew his parents couldn't afford to buy him a horse.
We know Ponyboy loved Soda because. . . Pony saved his money for a year thinking he could buy the horse back for Soda.
Pony snapped at Johnny, "Shut your trap, Johnny, because we all know you ain't wanted at home." What did Pony's words cause Johnny and Two-Bit to do? Johnny winced and Two-Bit slapped Pony across the head.
Ponyboy said, "It ain't fair that Darry is getting old before his time." What do Pony's words reveal about his true feelings concerning Darry? Pony really cares about Darry and feels sorry for the situation he is in.
What happened because Pony and Johnny fell asleep in the vacant lot? Darry was mad and yelled at Pony and then hit him.
What did Pony decide he would do after he finally calmed down? Pony decided he would go back home.
What was the cause of Ponyboy not making it home? The blue Mustang pulled up and five Socs got out.
Johnny was as white as a ghost and his eyes were wild-looking, like the eyes of an animal in a trap. This sentence is an example of. . . a simile because it compares Johnny to a ghost using the word "as" AND because it compares Johnny's eyes to the eyes of a trapped animal using the word "like"
What is bizarre (odd) about the statment Pony made: "He'll (Darry) really get worried when he finds out Johnny and I killed that Soc." Ponyboy didn't kill Bob; Johnny did.
Who told Johnny and Ponyboy where to go and what three things did he give them? Dally gave Pony and Johnny some money, a loaded gun, and a jacket.
How did Johnny and Pony get to Windrixville? They hopped a train.
Ponyboy had dreamed of living happily in the country, but later when he and Johnny are actually in the country, he is definitely not happy. This contradiction is an example of what? The contradiction is an example of irony.
Dally said, "Man, I thought New York was the only place I could get mixed up in a murder rap." The reader can infer that Dally. . . had somehow been involved with a murder in New York
Created by: lindajune