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Lung Patents

Chinese Patents

Bei Mu Gua Lou San (bei mu stops cough) Dry cough with deep-seated & difficult to expectorate white sputum,dyspnea & wheezing, dry mouth and throat. Lung Dryness w/Phlegm T: Dry & red tongue w/ lit coat P: Thin, rapid, slippery Can't get it out - dry & phlegm
Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan (Clear Qi & Transform Phlegm) Loud, productive cough w/thick yellow or green sputum, cough is worse @ night & early morn, dry mouth & thirst,sticky sens in mouth, fever, wheeze & rattles, fullness in chest w/ chest pain Phlegm Heat in Lungs T: Yellow w/grease coat P: rapid, slippery The Cougher-Upper Robert
Bai He Gu Jin Tang (Lily pills to Strength Metal) Recurrent sore dry throat in aft or eve, chr dry irritating cough worse @ night (may be bl in sputum), tend to constipate or dry stools, dry skin&lips & muc mem, dry throat & thirst, aft or tidal fever, night sweats, malar flush Lung & Kid Yin Def T: red, dry w/lit or no coat OR yellow dry coat P: thready rapid esp in cun Dry & sore throat Cougher
*Gui Zhi Tang (Cinnamon Twigs) Mild fever & chills, sweat & clammy, aver to wind, no thirst, itchy skin disorders agg by cold, pt is run down, Wind Cold Exterior Def w/Wind dominant that disperses Wei T: P: float & mod or weak Itchy creepy crawly
*Yin Qiao San Fever with slight chills or no chills Cough, sore throat, headache, and thirst. Sores/boils, no sweating or has difficulty sweating. Exterior Wind-Heat with heat toxins T: red tip w/thin yellow or white P: floating & rapid Release Early Stage Exterior Disord
*Cang Er Zi Allergies, Nasal congestion and/or profuse nasal discharge Invasion of Wind-Heat causing nasal congestion Drying formula for nose
Ge Gen Tang (pueraria pills) Stiff pain neck & upper back, chills& mild fever, NO sweat Wind Cold w/upper neck & back Upper back/neck pain is no sweat
Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan (adjusting Pills) Headache!(usu occipital but poss anywhere), chills & mild fever, No sweat, watery nasal discharge,musc aches, stiff painful neck Wind gan mao w/headache T: float, tight Headache
*Sheng Mai San (Generate the Pulse Chr dry cough/wheeze w/lit or no sputum, spont sweat, night sweats, breathless, dry mouth & throat,palp & tachycardia, insomnia, hard to expectorate Lung, Heart, Stomach Qi & yin def T: pink or red & swollen w/poss surf cracks P: thready, weak in cun or irreg Combo Special
*Bu Fei Tang (Tone Lungs) Chronic cough/wheeze, spontaneous sweat,weak voice, pale, freq colds,aver to wind, SOB, worse w/exertion Lung Qi Def T: pale w/thin white coat P: weak Basic Lung Qi Def formula
*Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Screen Wind pills) Freq colds & flu,spontaneous sweat,chr resp allergies,weak immune sys, fragile & run down, sensitive to wind, waxy & pale face,breathlessness, can't shake off last cold, used b/t infects Lung Qi & Wei Qi def T: Pale P: weak, deficient Yellow Alert Lung & Wei
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