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Rom. Adjectives 02

Romanian Adjectives 02 - Negative Feelings

apatic apathetic
deprimat depressed
mohorât dreary, gloomy
sumbru somber
confuz confused
mizerabil miserable
neliniștit restless, uneasy
somnoros/somnolent drowsy
drogat/drogată [m/f] drugged
beat drunk
ursuz/oţărât sullen, crabby, morose
irascibil cranky, irascible
iritabil irritable
îmbufnat sulky, miffed
trist sad
morocănos grouchy, grumpy, peevish
amețit groggy
șocat shocked
indispus indisposed, moody
supărat angry, mad
furios furious
înfuriat infuriated
mânios wrathful, enraged
amărât/cătrănit embittered, bitter, upset
bolnav sick, ill
contrariat annoyed, vexed
deranjat bothered
ostil hostile
insultat insulted
ofensat offended
indignat indignant
agresiv aggressive
tămâiat incensed
păduchios lousy, mangy
dezamăgit disappointed
descurajat discouraged
deziluzionat disillusioned
nemulțumit/neîmpăcat discontented, dissatisfied
neputincios powerless
rușinat ashamed
jenat embarrassed
neferecit unhappy
îndurerat grieved, pained
singur alone, lonely
nenorocit wretched
agonizat agonized
necăjit dejected, despondent
stresat distressed, hard-pressed, stressed
abătut downcast
melancolic melancholy
tulbure troubled
chinuit worried
nerăbdător anxious
alarmat alarmed
îngrijorat concerned
demoralizat demoralized, disheartened
consternat dismayed
jelitor mournful
mâhnit sorrowful, wistful
dureros painful, achy, sore
cu inima zdrobită broken-hearted
umilit humiliated
îngrozit apalled, terrified, horrified
înspăimântat frightened, scared
de panică panic, panicky
plin de regret regretful
vinovat guilty
încordat tense
sceptic skeptical
perplex perplexed
josnic despicable, vile
dezgustat disgusted
oribil horrible, horrid
scârbos loathsome
repulsiv repulsive
abonimabil abonimable
teribil terrible
respingător repugnant
detestabil detestable
pesimist pessimistic
incapabil incapable
stupid stupid, inept
prost dumb, silly, foolish
nehotărât indecisive
inutil useless
patetic pathetic
inferior inferior
gol empty, hollow
disperare despair
disperat desperate
pierdut lost
îndoielnic doubtful
incert uncertain
jalnic woeful
plictisit bored
obosit tired, weary, fatigued
preocupat preoccupied
amorțit numb
paralizat paralyzed
frustrat frustrated
forțat forced
șubred shaky
fricos fearful, apprehensive
lipsit de viață lifeless
dezinteresat disinterested
neutru neutral
nepăsător carelessly, carefree, nonchalant
indiferent indifferent
dominat dominated
tragic tragic
amenințat threatened, menaced
tremurător trembling, quaking
zdrobit crushed
istovit exhausted, tired out
oropsit forsaken
părăsit forlorn, left alone
neglijat neglected
înstrăinat alienated
izolat isolated
respins rejected, cast away
rănit hurt, wounded, injured
obidit oppressed, distraught, afflicted
angoasa anguish
agonizant agonizing
chinuit tortured, tormented
persecutați persecuted
abandonat abandoned
victimizat victimized
pustiau deserted, desolate
stupefiat stupefied
iritat irritated
suferind suffering
părăsit de iubit lovelorn, jilted
bolnav de dragoste lovesick
nesigur unsure, dubious, unsafe, unsecure
dezorientat bewildered, perplexed, disoriented
învins defeated
neajutorat helpless
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