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computer test

the gathering together of groups of people using online tools to connect and exchange ideas social networking
crisis-mapping tool that collects information to make it instantly and publicly available for use in emergencies Ushahidi
account for about 1/5 of all deaths worldwide, and technology is used to increase the pace of vaccine production to decrease this death rate infectious diseases
the difference between people with access to computers and the internet and those without this access is known as the digital divide
the witness project uses the power of video and a grassroots movement to advocate for human rights
using the internet to get small donations from many people to start a business is called crowdfunding
the technology called QR codes stands for quick response
forward thinking companies such as AT&T are using this to improve their products and services crowdsourcing
joining together as a group to use a product more efficiently is called collaborative consumption
a popular voice over internet protocol service is skype
this term means being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations computer literate
list six advantages or examples of being computer literate 1. avoiding hackers and viruses 2. protecting your privacy 3. understanding the real risks 4. using the web wisely 5. avoiding online annoyances 6. being able to maintain upgrade and troubleshoot your computer
unwanted junk email is called spam
field of study focused on information handling and retrieval of information automatically information technology (IT)
the process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern is called data mining
faculty at universities often use course management software such as this to make information available to students moodle
analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence is computer forensics
the goal of this is to provide technological solutions to physical problems, such as providing sight to the blind biomedical chip research
a wearable device that hangs around your neck and consists of a camera, a projector and a mirror that can communicate with the internet over wireless bluetooth technology sixthsense
computing that relates to emotion or that deliberately tries to influence emotion affective computing
an operating system developed by microsoft that works with mobile computing devices of all types and also traditional PCs Windows 8
commonly refers to a computer program that is installed on the hard drive of your computer and requires a computer operating system like microsoft windows or apple os to run desktop app
when you sign into windows 8 with this, you will be able to download apps from the windows store, sync settings online, and get your online content microsoft account
to be able to sync the settings of one windows 8 device to all of your windows 8 devices roam
displays the time, day, and date lock screen
displays square or rectangular tiles start screen
any symbol that displays on your screen in response to moving your mouse
Created by: drelrod