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Kidney Related

Chinese Patents

FormulaIndicationsZangFu DiagnosisNotes
Qi Ju Di Huang (Rehmannia w/lyceum fruit & chrysanthemums) Visual weak, blurring vision, dry, sore, scratchy eyes, light sens.; L Back Pain, irritable, angry, tinnitus, dizzy, dull hypochon pain, hot hands & feet, aft fever, recurrent HA/mig Liver & Kid Yin Def T: red with lit or no coat P: thready, rapid Brightens the Eyes Kay Dice
*Zhi Bai Di Huang (8 Flavor Rehmannia) Malar flush,hot flushes,night sweats, low grade fever, aft & tidal fever, hot hands & feet, thirst & dry mouth, irreg or absent periods,LBP, tinn & dizzy, vag dry Kidney Yin Def w/def heat T: red w/lit or no coat P: thready, rapid Stella - A Streetcar named Desire
Mai Wei Di Huang (8 Immortals for Longevity) Chr wheeze & asthma, chr dry unproductive cough, spit up blood, dry skin, lips, muc mem, thirst, dry mouth & throat, low grade fever, aft & tidal, night sweats, dizzy & tinn 5 palm heat, weight loss, low back ache Kidney & Lung Def T: red, dry cracked P: thready, rapid Chronic Cougher woman
Zuo Gui (Right Return) Weak, ache of low back & legs, lack of vitality, poor memory, dizzy & tinn, loss of hear, dry throat Kidney Yin def & Jing nourishing T; red, dry cracked P: deep, weak, thread, poss rapid Little Old Lady Passing By w/cane
*(Jin Kui)Shen Qi (Golden Book Kidney Qi) Cold intolerance, cold extremes, clear copious urine w/urine freq OR scanty & edema, listless, digest weak,weak & cold in legs & knees, edema below waist, ankles Kidney Yang Def T: swollen, pale, wet P: deep, weak, slow Frozen w/edema below waist, ankles
*You Gui (Left Returning) Cold intolerance, cold extremes, feebleness, exhaust, infertility, urine freq or scanty & edema, ache & weak of low back & legs, loose stools, aching joints, loss of app, loss of hearing Kidney Yang Def T: swollen, pale, wet P: deep, weak Jing of old & young w/cold
Er Xian (2 Immortals) Menopause: amen, irreg periods, night sweats, hypertension, 5 palm, insomnia, irritability, depression, anxiety, nerve, poor thermo-reg, dizzy, headaches, LBP, vag dry, palps, musc spasms, red flushed complex, freq urine Kidney Yin/Yang def w/def Heat T: red or pink w/lit coat P: wiry, thready Stella got hotter
Zhen Wu (True Blue Warrior) Scanty urine, pitting edema, worse in low extremes w/swollen ankles, inc desire to sleep, exhaustion, cough w/watery sputum, dizzy, palps, abd pain, heavy & ache in extremes, loose stools w/diarr, cold intolerance w/BLUE tinged extremes Kidney (& Spleen/heart) YANG def T: pale, swollen P: deep, weak Pitting Edema True Blue Warrior
Fu Zi Tang Cold extremes, edema, impotence, cold sweating, SOB asthma Kid Yang Def T: swollen, pale P: deep, weak Hot cocoa
Tu Si Zi Exhaustion, aversion to cold, frail, continuous dripping, dizzy, exhaust, freq & scanty urine, pain in low back & knees Kid Yang Def Drip, drip, drip
Ba Zheng (8 correct pills) Acute, burning pain during urination, strong smelling conc urine,suprapubic distension & pain, poss fever or alt chills & fever Damp Heat in Bladder T: yellow, greasy P: slippery rapid Damn Heat in the Bladder
*Liu Wei Di Huang (6 Flavor Pills w/Rehmannia) - teapills, honey pills Weak, sore, low back ache & legs, tinnitus, dizzy, mild night sweats, aft fever, dry mouth & throat, gen. dry skin & muc mem, loss of hear, hot hands & feet, calf cramps, Restless legs, Kidney Yin Def T: red, dry, cracked with lit or no coat P: thready, poss rapid Basic Kidney Yin/Yang Formula
Created by: vwilson157