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Spleen Patents

Chinese Patents

FormulaIndicationsZangFu DiagnosisNotes
*Si Jun Zi Tang (4 Gentlemen Soup) Fatigue, weak, pallor, loss of app, weak digest, abd distension, loose stools Sp Qi Def Basic (w/Lung Qi def) T: pale P: weak Enhances & regs digest function
*Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan (Tonify the Middle Jiao Fatigue, immune weak, freq colds, easy sweating, low grade fever, SOB, chr diarrhea, prolapsed organs, poor musc tone Sp Qi Def w/Sinking Qi prolapse T: pale P: weak, def Elevates Yang Qi
*Gui Pi Tang (Restore the Spleen) Insomnia, anxiety, bleeding disorders, palp, poor memory, pale, easy bruising, uterine bleeding w/persist spotting Heart Blood & Sp Qi Def T: pale w/toothmarks, thin or no coat P: thready Hematinic, calms shen
*Li Zhong Wan (Reg the Middle Jiao) Abd dist, better for warmth & pressure, chr diarrhea, chr digest weak, loss of app, edema of eyes, fingers & abd, cold extremes, chr uterine bleed, waxy pale complex, mouth ulcers Sp Yang Def T: pale, wet, swollen P: deep, slow Aggravated by cold, raw food. Transforms phlegm in cough, chr resp weak
*Ping Wei San (Calm Stomach Powder) Epig & abd distension, heavy in bod & limbs, desire to sleep, fatigue, worse in morn, dec sense of taste, belch, acid reflux, n/v, loose stools & diarrhea Cold Damp in Mid Jiao T: thick white greasy Old Tom Jones after the party
Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang (Pinellia Drain epigastrium Soup) nausea & vomit, loose stools, diarrhea, GERD, peptic ulcer Fullness of Stomach -> Sp & St Disharmony Peptic Ulcer Alka Seltzer
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San (Ginseng, Poria, Atractylodes) chr. diarrhea,loose stools, pale sallow complexion, n/v, loss of app, weight loss, copious white/watery leukorrhea (esp in overweight women w/edema), weak extremes Spleen Qi Def w/Damp & Diarrhea T: pale, swollen, white coat Bathroom Guy
Qing Wei San (Cool Stomach) Halitosis, mouth ulcers w/red & swell, burning epig pain, toothache, freq hunger, constipation, thirst for cold drinks, red mouth & lips, belch, heartburn, reflux Stomach Heat/Fire T: red, redder center, dry yellow P: large in mid pos, slip & rapid Halitosis! Clothespin Qing Wei is anti-inflammatory
*Bao He Wan (Preserve harmony) Belch, heartburn, gas, acid reflux, dyspepsia, constipation or diarrhea Food Stag Stom/Phlegm Heat T: Thick P: slip, big or full FAT, excess food,eat late, Chicken leg & soda, Chronic digest issues
Ma Zi Ren (Hemp) Moisten intestines, unblocks bowels, coonstipation w/ diff to expel stools w/freq urination, colon heat Moisten Intestines T: dry, yellow P: submerged & rapid or float & chop Dry Stools
Run Chang (Lubricate Intestines) Constipation w/pellet stools, dry mouth & tongue, thirst, dry nails Dry Intestines Fluid, Blood, Yin Def T: dry P: theady Old /Febrile/Yin Def Person Pellet stools
*Liu Jin Zi Tang Pronounced abd distension, nauseaa & vomiting & diarrhea Sp Qi Def w/Phlegm Damp T: thick greasy Stops the vomiting, excellent for morning sickness, transforms Phlegm Damp, GI weakness and cough
*Xiang Sha Liu Jin Zi Tang (6 gentlemen w/ cardamom & saussurea) Loss of appetite, n/v, abd distension esp aft eat, pallor, chr mucus congest, sleep aft eat, gas & belch, loose stools, chr diarrhea, fatigue, heavy head, indigestion, early satiety Sp Qi Def w/Phlegm Damp, Qi & Food Stagnation T:Pale, thick white ct P: Slippery or soft, moderate Lazy Boy Sp, St, Lungs wheeze, allergies, congest
Created by: vwilson157