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West Side Story

West Side Story/Romeo Juliet Themes

The dominat theme, of course, between the West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet is love – deep, intense and passionate love that defies friendship, family and everything in between.
Deep love theme or point is This point is reinforced when Maria later disregards the death of her brother, Bernardo, at the hands of Tony and agrees to marry him, consummation sealing the deal.
Both Tony and Romeo show emotional outburst (without thinking) when they act out in the following ways sneaking into enemy territory to see Maria, killing Bernardo after Bernardo kills Riff, and finally seeking out Chino and daring Chino to shoot him. This last act is much like what Romeo does after he finds out that Juliet has committed suicide.
Both West Side story and Romeo and Juliet show the reader the chaotic obstacles and craziness that surround passion and love, along with the lives that are laid to waste due to pointless feuds.
Love is linked to death, as shown in the murder of Tony and the untimely suicides of Romeo and Juliet.
Another theme is the concept of “Us against the World.” Both works highlight the struggles and conflicts of the “individual self” against the norms of society.
Created by: bugattiboy
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