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West Side Story Quiz

West Side Story Quiz 9-10

Why does Maria say that Tony should not die even though Riff and Bernardo did? Tony changed his life around and deserves a second chance
Where was Maria supposed to meet Tony if she wanted to go away with him? Doc's Pharmacy
Where was Maria taken so she could not meet Tony? The police station
What did A-Rab and Diesel do to Anita when she went to Doc's Pharmacy? Attacked her
What did Anita tell A-Rab and Diesel to tell Tony before leaving Doc's Pharmacy? "Maria's never going to meet him!" Tony and Maria had planned to run away.
Why doesn't Tony want to marry Maria anymore? He killed her brother
Why was Tony searching for Chino? He wanted Chino to kill him
Who tried to save Tony from Chino? Anybodys
Why did Maria want Chino's gun? To shoot herself
This story reminds me of what play by Shakespeare? Romeo and Juliet
Did you like the ending of the story? Yes or No - Please explain why or why not.
Do you think Maria killed herself in the end? Why or why not? Yes or No - Please explain why or why not.
Gang related violence has been an issue for decades. What can be done to stop gang violence? Please explain if any thing can be done to stop gang violence.
Baby-John was calling to super-heroes for help, although he was involved in violent gang activity. What does this say about his age and maturity? Why do you think children get involved with gangs? What does this say about his age and maturity? Why do you think children get involved with gangs?
If you could change one thing about this story, what would it be? Why? What would be the one thing your would change about this story, what would it be? Why?
Created by: bugattiboy



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