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West Side Story Quiz

West Side Story 6-8 Quiz

What did Tony buy for his mother to ease the heat or their apartment? A fan
What did Baby John buy for the rumble? Ice-pick
How much did Tony make for fifty hours of work at the pharmacy? 50 Dollars
Where did Tony meet Maria? The Dance
What did Tony promise he would do for Maria? Stop her brother Bernardo from fighting
What did Riff and Bernardo both hide in their pockets before the rumble? Knives
Who interrupted the fight between Diesel and Bernardo? Tony
What did Tony go to the fight? He went to try and stop the fight
Why did Riff get stabbed by Bernardo? Tony distracted Riff
What happened to Bernardo after he killed Riff? He was killed by Tony
What sound did Maria associate with death? The sound of the Sirens
To Maria, the Sirens were a symbol of death
What did Chino find behind the bathtub in Bernardo's apartment? A gun
What was Maria's initial reaction to Tony interrupting her in prayer? She yelled at Tony and hit him.
What did Maria instruct Tony to do? Lie down and rest
Who did Baby-John call on to help him? Super-heroes
Who was spying on the Sharks and overheard their plan to kill Tony? The character "Anybodys"
_____________ delivers the news that Tony killed Bernardo. Chino
Created by: bugattiboy