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West Side Story

West Side Story Quiz Chapters 1-5

The leader of the Jets? Riff
The leader of the Sharks? Bernardo
Where does the story take place? West side of Manhattan
What did the Jets throw into the Puerto Rican grocery? Stink or smoke bomb
Who are Schrank and Krupke? Police Officers
What does the character "Anybodys" want? To join the Jets
What country did Maria and Bernardo come form? Puerto Rico
Who did the Sharks jump at the movie theatre? Baby John
Who did Riff want to take to the war council? Tony
Why did Tony quit the Jets? To get a job and make his mom happy
Who was Anita's boyfriend? Bernardo or Nardo
Why didn't Maria like her dress? It was an old confirmation dress
Who was "Glad Hand"? A social worker who is a chaperone at the dance.
How did Riff insult the Sharks (Puerto Rican Gang) at the dance? He refused to dance with Anita
Who did Tony fall in love with at the dance? Maria
Where did the Jets and the Sharks decide to meet for their war council? The Coffee Pot
Why did Riff order Anybodys a doughnut? To keep her quiet
Who was going to represent the Jets and the Sharks? Bernardo and Diesel
Where was the fight going to take place? Under the highway
What was your favorite part of the book? Why? Explain your answer.
What was your LEAST favorite part of the book? Why? Explain your answer.
Created by: bugattiboy