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The Pearl Novella 2

The Pearl Novella John Steinbeck Grade 9 Chapter 1-6

Which of the songs does Kino remember when he awakes? Song of the Family
In which village does this story take place (Setting)? La Paz
What does Juana do that stops the swelling from Coyotito's shoulder? She uses a seaweed poultice.
Which of the songs does Kino remember when the scorpion stings Coyotito? Song of Evil
From where did Kino get his canoe? It was passed down from his grandfather.
What does Juan Tomas say when Kino departs from him? Go With God
Which of the songs best illustrates Kino's hope for the future? Song of the Pearl That Might Be
What is the name that Kino gives to the pearl? The Pearl of the World
Which of the following does a La Paz townsperson not propose that he would do with the money, if he had found the pearl? Give the money to start a school for the children of La Paz.
What is significant about Kino's suggestion that he buy a rifle? It allows/permits/causes Kino to think of the various other things that he will get with the money.
According to Kino, what is his soul? The Pearl
Why does Kino go naked in the forest? Without his white clothing, he is less likely to be seen.
What is the significance of Kino's refusal to accept the dealer's price? He has defied the societal hierarchy that dominates La Paz.
With what object does Kino return to La Paz? Rifle
Which of the following does the pearl not represent? Death
Which of the following statements best describes Juana? She represents womanhood in contrast to Kino's representation of everyman.
What is the meaning of the statement "I am a man" to Juana? It means that Kino is half-insane and half-god.
What does the doctor do that shows his true reason for visiting Kino? He attempts to discern where the pearl is hidden.
What is Kino's reaction when he finds the pearl? He howls.
What does the story about the pearl agent show, according to Juan Tomas? It is a warning against those who attempt to improve their social station/status in life.
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