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Of Mice and Men Quiz

Of Mice and Men Quiz Comprehension Choice

George and Lennie left Weed because of a girl
George says that he and Lennie are different from ranch hands because they have each other
Curley's wife's excuse for continually visiting the ranch hands is that she is looking for Curley
Curley's wife threatens to have Crooks lynched
Curley's wife--in her temperamental and emotional needs--most resembles Crooks
Curley likes to fight men who are bigger than he
Curley threatens Slim but fights Lennie
Lennie fears that George won't let him tend rabbits
Lennie dreams about Aunt Clara
The boss is suspicious of Lennie because he doesn't talk George (speaks for Lennie)
Candy is afraid that he will be fired
The men joke about Curley because he wears a Vaseline-filled glove
The death of Candy's dog foreshadows (hint or a clue about future events) the pup's death
Lennie is afraid to talk to Curley's wife because he fears the anger of Curley
The land Lennie and George dream of owning symbolizes freedom
Crooks is bet described as lonely and bitter
Lennie kills Curley's wife when he tries to stop her yells
Candy blames Curley's wife for ruining the dream of having a place of his own
Lennie imagines Aunt Clara appears before him and scolds him for disobeying George
Before he dies, Lennie begs George to recite the story of their future plans
Carlson believes that George shot Lennie during a fight
The only person who seems to understand why George kills Lennie is Slim
The major theme of this story concerns human loneliness and frustration
Created by: bugattiboy