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Literature-LA+ CT 7

short story 2

Settting for fire October, dry and hott
Characters for fire Paul=older bro nar. =12 yrs.grandpa= Disciplinarian, stern ,and tough Mother=weak and pushover
1. playing with matches 2. hurled match at rock 3. fire started 4. Paul put shirt on fire 5.Dries out well6. run for help7. paul admits he did it 8. paul made to do work 9. nar. admits he did it 10.nar. works with Paul Plot for fire
Point of view for fire 1st person
theme for fire irresponsible action led to a new found sense of responsibility
external Conflict for fire mother pl eads with g dad
internal conflict for fire nar. tries to confess but is 2 scared
Climax for fire Paul sent off Nar. feels guilty
Resolution 4 fire rain comes , Paul and g dad come home
flashback for fire coming home from flight saw forest fire - sparked story
setting for CDM night before christmas - flashba
Created by: Wilson Hall