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FRN Literature

French Theater - 17th Century

Alexandre Hardy 1st to make a living as dramatist. In-house writer to the Com├ędiens du Roi at the Hotel de Bourgogne in Paris. Developed 2 popular gengres. tyle unique. Actions linked to psychology so characters grew onstage. Role of chorus limited.
Tragicomedy Genre developed by Hardy. Baroque form at its best. Favorite theme of false appearances, play within a play. Episodic structure.
Pastoral Play Genre developed by Hardy. Improved it with faster plots and more naturalness.
Jean de Rotrou Major French Neoclassical Playwright. He & Corneille increased prestige & respectability of theater in Paris. Favored stories about characters resolving internal moral conflicts w plots & rhetoric.
L'Hypocondriaque by Rotrou. Comedy that won Richelieu's support & caused his becoming house dramatist at Hotel de Bourgogne, most important theater in Paris.
Paul Scanron Contributed to development of the dram, burlesque, & novel. Le Roman Comique, best known work, style of Spanish picaresque romance. Parody of heroic novels, focus on people.
Pierre Corneille Creator of FRN classical tragedy.
Created by: kles