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ethan frome 2


Ethan Frome thoughtful, sensitive, extremely unhappy. trapped by society's standards in an unhappy marraige
Zenobia (Zeena) Frome Ethan's hypochondriac wife, domineering, cares for Ethan and Mattie in the end
Mattie Silver Ethan's love intrest, Zeena's cousin, turns querolous after the crash, not very good at working
The Narrator man working as engineer at Corbury Junction, stays with Mrs. Ned Hale, tells in first person the frame story
Harmon Gow retired stagecoach driver, tells the narrator info on Ethan's life
Ruth Hale (Varnum) lives with mother in family mansion, houses the narrator, was good friends with Mattie, married Ned
Andrew Hale The Mr. Hale Ethan sees for money advancements, Ned Hale's father
Ned Hale marries Ruth Varnum but is dead by the time of the frame story
Mrs. Andrew Hale Ned Hale's mother, sympathises with all of the Fromes, especially Ethan
Denis Eady wealthy Irish grocer, proprietor of a livery stable in Starkfiel, courts Mattie
Jotham Powell hired hand at the Frome farm
Widow Homan store owner who sells Ethan glue
Aunt Martha Pierce Zeena's aunt she stays with while seeing the doctor in Bettsbridge
Dr. Buck doctor in Bettsbridge, says Zeena has "complications" and needs a hired girl
Aunt Philura maple gave the pickle dish as a wedding gift
Daniel Byrne Frome's neighbor who takes Mattie's trunk to the train station
Created by: 07adelmanl
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