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FRN Provinces

Economies and Overview of French Provinces

Alsace Left bank of the Rhine, Links France to Germany, Strong economy and diversified industry. Capital is Strasbourg, the home of the European Parliament.
Aquitaine Home of famous Bordeaux Vineyards. Vast pine forests. Varied coastline (Biarritz, St Jean-de-Luz, Arcachon) leads to tourism. New TGV train has given area boost. Industry but still needs improvement. Capital is Bordeaux.
Auvergne Mountainous region in middle of France with a number of natural spas. Isolated. Beef and cheese. Tourism. Some industry. Notably Michelin Tire in capital, Clermont-Ferrand.
Brittany Recently improved access through road and rail links. France's main agricultural area. Tourism . Important to fishing industry. Recent industry: Motor Vehicle Plant in Rennes, the capital. Engineering & Electronics in Brest.
Burgundy Main "road" for European north-south axis. Varied economy: wine, beef, metallurgy, enginnering. Famous for architectural and gastonomy treasure, good for tourism. Capital is Dijon.
Centre-Val-de-Loire Capital: Orléans. Very high agricultural importance, especially cereal production. Vast historical heritage to attract tourists. Recent movement of companies from Paris has benefitted the area: motor vehicle, electronic, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
Champagne-Ardenne Capital: Châlons-sur-Marne. Rish agricultural: cereal, vineyards famous for Champagne production. Industry changing from iron foundries and textiles to electronics, agri-foodstuffs, etc.
Corsica Capital: Ajaccio. Island. Small population. Little industry and limited agriculture. Tourism very important. Long coastlines, great climate, and beauty lends.
Franche-Compté Capital: Besançon, known for clock making and precision engineering. Most work in industry. Montbéliard-Sochaux, home of the Peugeot car firm. Traditional also: cheese, woodwork, etc.
Ile-de-France Capital: Paris. 18% of French population. Highest industrial concentration. All government, national headquarters, and head offices here. Strong education and research. Major press and arts area. International organizations like UNESCO and the OECD.
Languedoc-Roussillon Capital: Montpellier, imporant university center. Slow econimic industry due to lack of manufacturing and crisis in wine production. Improving due to diversification of agriculture, expansion of tourism, &establishment of adv tech industries/research.
Limousin Capital: Limoges. Industries: Agri-foodstuffs and leather. Industry: "Porcelaine de Limoges," world famous luxury wares.
Lorraine Capital: Metz. Ecnomic problems because of difficulties in iron, steel, and coal industries. Area now trying to update and diversify. Nancy is the university center.
Midi-Pyrénées Capital: Toulouse, center of aerospace industry. Airbus assembled here. Second in adv tech: research, data process, computers, & robotics. Largest metropolitan area. Traditionally agricultural, but recent exodus of rural population causing difficulty.
Nord-Pas-de-Calais Capital: Lille. Industry: Coal & textile in 19th, developing modern industries. Taking opportunities from Channel tunnel and the TGV-Nord, high speed train.
Lower Normandy Capital: Caen. Tourism significant, esp along coastline. Seaports: Cherbourg and Caen, services to the UK. Essentially agricultural but adding some light industry.
Upper Normandy Capital: Rouen, 5th largest port. Development along the lower Seine of the ports, Le Havre (2nd) and Rouen, significant in economy. Industry: oil, chemicals, motor vehicles. Agriculture: food. Tourism. Proximity to Paris is great asset.
Pays de la Loire Capital: Nantes. 1st in livestock. 2nd in agriculture. Economy diversifying into electronics, engineering, clothing & footwear. Atlantic beaches. Nantes-Saint Nazaire port, 4th largest. TGV to Paris in 2 hours.
Picardy Capital: Amiens. Rich agricultural: sugar, flouar. Key geo position between the Ile-de-France and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais regions, allowing devleopment of industry: chemical, tire-manufacturing and other industries.
Poitou-Charentes Capital: Poitiers. Rural region. Beef. Vineyard for Cognac. Light industry growing. La Rochelle Seaport and Altantic beaches help economy also.
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Capital: Marseille, largest French port & 2nd European. Wealthy, Mediterraneon coastline, Climate, Beauty. Nice & Côte d'Azur for tourism. Grasse for perfume. Numerous high-tech companies, oil refineries, iron and steel production, chemical, foodstuffs.
Rhône-Alpes Capital: Lyon, 2nd most important manufacturing & services center, 2nd financial center, famous for universities. 2nd largest population. Tourist area. Host of 1992 Winter Olympics. Industry: electic, mech engineering, chemicals, & clothing.
Created by: kles