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FRN Verbs

Common French Verbs

accepter to accept
accompagner to accopmany
actualiser to bring up to date
adorer to adore, love
afficher to post; to display (computer)
aider to help
aimer to like, love
allumer to light, to turn on (an appliance)
apporter to bring
apprécier to appreciate (value, rate highly)
arriver to arrive
bavarder to chat
casser to break
cesser to stop
chanter to sing
chercher to look for
cliquer to click (computer)
coller to past (computer)
continuer to continue
copier to copy
couper to cut
créer to create
danser to danse
déboguer to debug
décider to decide
déjeuner to have lunch
demander to ask, to ask for
dépenser to spend (money)
désirer to desire, want
dessiner to draw
détester to hate
dîner to have dinner
discuter to discuss
donner to give
écouter to listen to
éditer to edit
emporter to carry/take away, carry off
emprunter to borrow
enseigner to teach
entrer to go, come in, enter
étudier to study
exporter to export
fermer to close, to turn off (an appliance)
fonder to found
formater to format
frapper to strike, hit
gagner to earn, win
garder to keep
habiter to live, inhabit, reside
hésiter to hesitate
importer to import
imprimer to print
installer to install
inviter to invite
jouer to play
laisser to leave, let
laver to wash
marcher to walk
monter to go up (stairs)
montrer to show
naviguer (sur Internet) to surf the Web
organiser to organize
oublier to forget
parler to speak
passer to pass; to spend (time)
penser to think
photocopier to photocopy, xerox
porter to carry, wear
pousser to push
pratiquer to practice
préparer to prepare
présenter to present
prêter to lend
quitter to leave (a person/place)
raconter to tell, tell about, relate
refuser to refuse
regarder to look at
remercier to thank
rencontrer to meet (by chance)
rentrer to return, go back
retourner to return, come/go back
retrouver to meet (by appointment)
rouler to move, travel (of a vehicle)
saluer to greet
sauvegarder to save (a computer file)
supporter to bear, stand
supprimer to delete (a computer file)
surfer (sur) le Web To surf the Web
téléphoner to phone
texter to send a text message
tourner to turn
travailler to work
traverser to cross
trouver to find
voler to fly
agir to act
applaudir to applaud
atterrir to land
avertir to warn
bâtir to build
choisir to choose
définir to define
désobéir to disobey
établir to establish
finir to finish
gémir to moan
grossir to get fat
guérir to cure, make better
maigrir to get thin
mincir to get thin
obéir to obey
périr to perish
réfléchir to think, relfect
remplir to fill, replenish
réunir to bring together, collect, gather
réussir to succeed
rougir to blush
salir to make dirty
attendre to wait for
confondre to confuse
défendre to forbid
descendre to go down (stairs)
entendre to hear
interrompre to interrupt
mordre to bite
perdre to lose
prétendre to claim
rendre to give back
répondre to answer, respond
rompre to break, break off (especially figuratively)
tendre to stretch out, offer, tpo tend to
tordre to twist
vendre to sell
amorcer to boot (a computer)
annoncer to announce
avancer to advance
divorcer to divorce
effacer to erase
lancer to launch
menacer to threaten
placer to place, invest
prononcer to pronounce
réamorcer to reboot (a computer)
relancer to restart
remplacer to replace
renoncer to resign, quit
aménager to fix up, convert (a room)
arranger to arrange
changer to change
corriger to correct
décourager to discourage
déménager to move (change residence)
déranger to bother
diriger to direct
encourager to encourage
nager to swim
partager to share
plonger to dive
ranger to put away
rédir to draft, write
télécharger to download
voyager to voyage
aboyer to bark
appuyer to support, to press (a button)
balayer to sweep
broyer to grind, make into powder
effrayer to frighten
employer to use
ennuyer to bore
envoyer to send
essayer to try, try on
essuyer to wipe
nettoyer to clean
noyer to drown
payer to pay
rayer to cross out
renvoyer to send back, dismiss, fire
tutoyer to use the tu form to address someone
vouvoyer to use the vous form to address someone
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