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Intro 2 Security Ch1

Difficulties in Defending Against Attacks

It is virtually unheard of today for a computer to not be connected to the Internet. Although this greatly expands the functionality of that device, it also makes it easy for an attacker halfway around the world to silently launch an attack on any conn Universally connected devices.
With modern tools at their disposal, attackers can quickly scan thousands of systems to find weaknesses and launch attacks with unprecedented speed. Many tools can even initiate new attacks without any human participation, thus increasing the speed at Increased speed of attacks.
Attacks are becoming more complex, making it more difficult to detect and defend against them. Attackers today use common Internet tools and protocols to send malicious data or commands to strike computers, making it difficult to distinguish an attack Greater sophistication of attacks.
Whereas in the past an attacker needed to have an extensive technical knowledge of networks and computers as well as the ability to write a program to generate the attack, that is no longer the case. Today’s attack tools do not require any sophisticate Availability and simplicity of attack tools.
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