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Rom. Verbs Conj. 05

Romanian Verbs Conjugated 05 - Present Tense

eu arunc I throw
tu arunci you throw [singular]
el/ea aruncă he/she/it throws
noi aruncăm we throw
voi aruncaţi you throw [plural]
ei/ele aruncă they throw
eu capturez I catch, I capture
tu capturezi you catch, you capture [singular]
el/ea capturează he/she/it catches, captures
noi capturăm we catch, we capture
voi capturaţi you catch, you capture [plural]
ei/ele capturează they catch, they capture
eu semnific I signify, I mean
tu semnifici you signify, you mean [singular]
el/ea semnifică he/she/it signifies, means
noi semnificăm we signify, we mean
voi semnificaţi you signify, you mean [plural]
ei/ele semnifică they signify, they mean
eu adorm I fall asleep
tu adormi you fall asleep [singular]
el/ea adoarme he/she/it falls asleep
noi adormim we fall asleep
voi adormiţi you fall asleep [plural]
ei/ele adorm they fall asleep
mă trezesc I wake up, I awaken
te trezeşti you wake up, you awaken [singular]
se trezeşte he/she/it wakes up, awakens
ne trezim we wake up, we awaken
vă treziţi you wake up, you awaken [plural]
se trezesc they wake up, they awaken
eu dorm I sleep
tu dormi you sleep [singular]
el/ea doarme he/she/it sleeps
noi dormim we sleep
voi dormiţi you sleep [plural]
ei/ele dorm they sleep
mă închin I worship
te închini you worship [singular]
se închine he/she/it worships
ne închinem we worship
vă închineţi you worship [plural]
se închin they worship
mă apropi I approach, I draw close
te apropii you approach, you draw close [singular]
se apropie he/she/it approaches, draws close
ne apropiem we approach, we draw close
vă apropieţi you approach, you draw close [plural]
se apropi they approach, they draw close
eu sper I hope
tu speri you hope [singular]
el/ea speră he/she/it hopes
noi sperăm we hope
voi speraţi you hope [plural]
ei/ele speră they hope
eu îndur I endure, I bear, I suffer
tu înduri you endure, you bear, you suffer [singular]
el/ea îndură he/she/it endures, bears, suffers
noi îndurăm we endure, we bear, we suffer
voi înduraţi you endure, you bear, you suffer [plural]
ei/ele îndură they endure, they bear, they suffer
eu servesc I serve, I attend to, I minister
tu serveşti you serve, you attend to, you minister [singular]
el/ea serveşte he/she/it serves, attends to, ministers
noi servim we serve, we attend to, we minister
voi serviţi you serve, you attend to, you minister [plural]
ei/ele servesc they serve, they attend to, they minister
eu ajut I help, I assist, I aid
tu ajuţi you help, you assist, you aid [singular]
el/ea ajută he/she/it helps, assists, aids
noi ajutăm we help, we assist, we aid
voi ajutaţi you help, you assist, you aid [plural]
ei/ele ajută they help, they assist, they aid
eu devin I become
tu devii you become [singular]
el/ea devine he/she/it becomes
noi devinem we become
voi deveniţi you become [plural]
ei/ele devin they become
eu observ I observe, I notice
tu observi you observe, you notice
el/ea observă he/she/it observes, notices
noi observăm we observe, we notice
voi observaţi you observe, you notice [plural]
ei/ele observă they observe, they notice
eu promit I promise
tu promiţi you promise [singular]
el/ea promite he/she/it promises
noi promitem we promise
voi promiteţi you promise [plural]
ei/ele promit they promise
eu accept I accept, I agree, I acquiesce
tu accepţi you accept, you agree, you acquiesce [singular]
el/ea acceptă he/she/it accepts, agrees, acquiesces
noi acceptăm we accept, we agree, we acquiesce
voi acceptaţi you accept, you agree, you acquiesce [plural]
ei/ele acceptă they accept, they agree, they acquiesce
eu salvez I rescue, I save, I provide salvation
tu salvezi you rescue, you save, you provide salvation [singular]
el/ea salvează he/she/it rescues, saves, provides salvation
noi salvăm we rescue, we save, we provide salvation
voi salvaţi you rescue, you save, you provide salvation [plural]
ei/ele salvează they rescue, they save, they provide salvation
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