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Four Functions

What is processing The thinking the computer does, calculations, comparisons, and decisions. What is meant by “all computers are digital”
What is meant by “all computers are digital” All info is stored as a string of zeros or ones - off or on.
What is one on or off position A bit
Eight bits is equal to what One byte
What is the CPU Central Processing Unit – where all the work gets done. (Most computers have one processing chip.)
What is Main Memory It stores the commands that the CPU executes and the results.
Can a computer do more than one thing at a time NO
One round of steps from getting an instruction back to getting the next instruction is called what The Machine Cycle
List the machine cycle and what they do. Fetch - get an instruction from Main Memory Decode - translate it into computer commands Execute - actually process the command Store - write the result to Main Memo
What is one way to measure a computers speed MIPS, standing for millions of instructions per second
A memory address holds 1 byte of data where a kilobyte is equal to and A megabyte is equal to KB = 1024 bytes MB = 1024 kilobytes
A processors speed is affected by: System clock rate Bus width Word size
What is system clock rate The rate of an electronic pulse used to synchronize processing.
How is a processors speed measured megahertz (MHz) where 1 MHz = 1 million cycles per second or gigahertz (GHz) where 1 GHz = 1 billion cycles per second.
What is bus width The amount of data the CPU can transmit at a time to main memory and to input and output devices.(Any path bits travel is a bus.)
What is the word size The amount of data the CPU can process at one time.
What are the physical components of a computer that are directly involved in processing The processor chip itself the memory devices the motherboard
What is a single silicon chip containing CPU, ALU, and some memory. A microprocessor
ROM Read Only Memory (permanent)
RAM Random Access Memory (temporary)
Where is the microprocessor chip located On the motherboard
What are the two types of computer software System Application
What is system software The operating system such as Windows 7 or XP (used by the computer)
What is applications software Used by people – Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage, Powerpoint, etc
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