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PBHS Genetics

Scientists and general info

Swede who created modern taxonomic system of classification and used binomial nomenclature to give scientific names Linnaeus
Taxonomy of living organisms classification system from top, down KPCOFGS
French naturalist,an early proponent of evolution Lamarck
Incorrect theory of evolution by Lamarck Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics
English naturalist evolution by natural selection Charles Darwin
On the Origin of Species Darwin
The Descent of Man Darwin
Darwin's 5-year voyage on this ship to these islands that belong to this country HMS Beagle, Galapagos Islands, Equador
Darwin's most studied organisms Finches with differently shaped beaks
Darwin studied these organisms that are the only of the species to live in salt water Marine iguana
Zoological Philosophy written by Lamarck
Father of Genetics Gregor Mendel
Austrian Monk and botanist who developed basic laws of inheritance Mendel
Mendel did extensive experiments with this plant pea plants
Mendel also wrote extensively on meteorology and ___ beekeeping
Exactness of data resulted in accusation of fraud Mendel
physical appearance of the genotype phenotype
Actual alleles received genotype
varieties of a gene allele
diagram predicting outcome of genetic cross Punnett square
Having both a dominant and a recessive allele heterozygous (heterozygote)
Having the same 2 alleles homozygous (homozygote)
Mendel's 1st principle--only one gene is received from each parent in each pair principle of segregation
Mendel's 2nd principle--genes of different traits are inherited independently of each other principle of independent assortment
section of a chromosome containing the entire code for a protein gene
full genetic complement of an individual or species genome
x-linked recessive disease in which blood does not clot properly hemophilia
offspring from mating 2 genetically different parents hybrid
change in a gene producing new variation mutation
inherited recessive disease that was helpful in preventing malaria sickle cell anemia
inherited recessive disease affecting Eastern European Jews (Ashkenazi Jews) Tay-Sachs Disease
carried on X sex chromosome X-linked
inherited recessive deficiency in pigmentation in skin, hair, and eyes albinism
Mating genetically different plants of the same species cross-pollination
allele that will be expressed dominant allele
allele that will not be expressed in the presence of a dominant allele recessive allele
Father of Modern Genetics, American biologist Thomas Hunt Morgan
Studied the fruit flies (Drosophela) at Columbia University Morgan
Found that genes are carried on chromosomes Morgan
Discovered sex-linked traits, linked genes, and crossing-over during meiosis Morgan
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