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Ceramic Vocabulary Intro - Art I

SLIP (noun) clay mixed with water to a fluid state •Can be brushed onto surfaces to create texture •Used to attach clay pieces together
SCORE (verb) Making small marks into the surface of the clay before adding slip or water to help fuse clay.
GREEN WARE (Adjective) Refers to clay before it has been fired in a kiln.
MOIST CLAY (Adjective) workable, soft and flexible • Firm enough to hold shape but soft enough to be formed
LEATHER SOFT CLAY (Adjective) still workable and be can altered but maintains its form • Tends to crack easily if over worked
LEATHER HARD CLAY (Adjective) clay is no longer bendable. • Can be cut, shaved, etched, etc • The tool stage
BONE DRY CLAY (Adjective) clay has the same moisture as the atmosphere around it. • No longer workable • Ready to be fired in a kiln
BISQUE FIRING (Noun)The first firing of unglazed ware at a low temperature. Removes all moisture from the clay and makes it easier to handle.
BISQUE-WARE (Noun) clay after the FIRST firing in a kiln • Fragile, will shatter if dropped
GLAZE (Noun) A compound of minerals that is applied to the surface of green-ware or bisque-ware that forms a glassy coating when fired.
UNDERGLAZE (Noun)colored slip that fires to a matte (not glossy) finish
GLAZE FIRING (Noun / Verb) A kiln firing AFTER the bisque firing. • melts the glaze onto the pottery and slowly cools giving the glass life appearance.
Created by: dhewston