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PBHS Medicine

Famous Medical Scientists

Father of modern medicine; Father of anatomy Andreas Vesalius
He dissected executed criminals to understand the human body Vesalius
One of his books is in lower right hand corner of "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp" by Rembrandt Vesalius
Translated and corrected many of Galen's works into Latin Vesalius
English; developed successful smallpox vaccine Edward Jenner
Father of Immunology Jenner
He discovered that milkmaids who caught cowpox had immunity to smallpox Jenner
Vaccine comes from the Latin vaca meaning ___ cow
English physician of Charles I who described circulation of blood through heart and vessels. William Harvey
Major work De Motu Cardis Harvey
Estimated that more people have died from ___ than from all wars in history of world. smallpox
Antiseptic surgery by using carbolic acid (phenol) to sterilize instruments and clean wounds. Joseph Lister
Namesake of a genus of pathogenic bacteria--Listeria--most lethal food poisoning duh,Lister
French, Father of Microbiology and champion of germ theory of disease Louis Pasteur
He studied beer and wine fermentation, discovering that some microbes are are anaerobic Pasteur
Anaerobic means without oxygen or not requiring oxygen
Used heat to kill dangerous microbes in liquids like milk. Process called ____ Pasteur, pasteurization
Swan-neck flask experiments to disprove spontaneous generation Pasteur
Developed vaccines for anthrax, rabies, and chicken cholera, and saved Joseph Meister with his rabies vaccine Pasteur
German; used arsenic-based Salvarsan to treat syphilis Paul Ehrlich
Promoted search for other "magic bullet" drug to kill microbes without harming human cells Ehrlich
Coined "chemotherapy" Ehrlich
German rival of Pasteur who isolated bacteria causing anthrax, tuberculosis, and cholera Robert Koch
Discovered resistance by forming endospores Koch
Carrier of disease believed by Koch was later confirmed by this case Typhoid Mary
First polio vaccine by Jonas Salk
First oral polio vaccine by Albert Sabin
First heart transplant done by Christiaan Barnard (South African)
First successful artificial heart developed by Robert Jarvik; the Jarvik-7
Developed 1st oral contraceptive (birth control pill) at behest of Sanger and McCormick Gregory Pincus
Successful Test-tube rabbits Pincus
Hungarian called "saviour of mothers" for hand washing in obstetrics Ignaz Semmelweis
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