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Video Game Terms

Terms used when designing video games

Actor All the items (both visible and invisible) in your game.
Interface GUI (Graphical User Interface) - describes rules and behaviors of objects
GUI Graphical User Interface
Rendering Order Who goes in front of whom
Parallax Scrolling in 2 dimension side-scrolling games, background scrolls right-to-left at a slower speed than the foregroung
Scenes Game levels
X axis Horizontal, or left and right
Y axis Vertical, or up and down
Behaviors add computer logic to your game, including collision and interaction between actors
Boolean True-false values
Text alphanumeric values
Integers whole number values
Indie Independent game developer
FPS First-Person Shooter
First-person shooter seen through the eyes of the main character
Third-person shooter action seen through a camera
Platformer main action focuses on character running and jumping from one platform to the next in a fast-paced animated world
Stealth Games Players are rewarded for sneaking into and out of places invisibly and striking their enemies silently
Adventure Games Primarily center on a story, exploration, and mental challenge.
RPG Role-Playing Game
Role-Playing Game any game in which the player takes on the role of another person and in doing so goes on various quests
Strategy Games Mental challenge-based games
Casual Gamer Those who do not have the time, patience, or obsessive passion to learn difficult, complex video games but still want to be entertained.
Blueprint Game design document
Prototype Game proposal and short playable demo
Created by: Chambersl