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Rom. Verbs Conj. 03

Romanian Verbs Conjugated 03 - Present Tense

eu iubesc I love, I have affection
tu iubești you love, you have affection [singular]
el/ea iubește he/she/it loves, has affection
noi iubim we love, we have affection
voi iubiţi you love, you have affection [plural]
ei/ele iubesc they love, they have affection
eu urăsc I hate, I loathe, I detest
tu urăști you hate, you loathe, you detest [singular]
el/ea urăște he/she/it hates, loathes, detests
noi urâm we hate, we loathe, we detest
voi urâţi you hate, you loathe, you detest [plural]
ei/ele urăsc they hate, they loathe, they detest
eu aleg I choose
tu alegi you choose [singular]
el/ea alege he/she/it chooses
noi alegem we choose
voi alegeţi you choose [plural]
ei/ele aleg they choose
eu încep I begin, I start
tu începi you begin, you start [singular]
el/ea începe he/she/it begins, starts
noi începem we begin, we start
voi începeţi you begin, you start [plural]
ei/ele încep they begin, they start
eu uit I forget
tu uiţi you forget [singular]
el/ea uită he/she/it forgets
noi uităm we forget
voi uitaţi you forget [plural]
ei/ele uită they forget
eu amintesc I remember
tu aminteai you remember [singular]
el/ea amintea he/she/it remembers
noi amintim we remember
voi amintiţi you remember [plural]
ei/ele aminteau they remember
eu plac I like
tu placi you like [singular]
el/ea place he/she/it likes
noi plăcem we like
voi plăceţi you like [plural]
ei/ele plac they like
eu folosesc I use
tu foloseşti you use [singular]
el/ea foloseşte he/she/it uses
noi folosim we use
voi folosiţi you use [plural]
ei/ele folosesc they use
eu mut I move
tu muţi you move [singular]
el/ea mută he/she/it moves
noi mutăm we move
voi mutaţi you move [plural]
ei/ele mută they move
eu gândesc I think
tu gândeşti you think [singular]
el/ea gândeşte he/she/it thinks
noi gândim we think
voi gândiţi you think [plural]
ei/ele gândesc they think
mă supun I obey
te supui you obey [singular]
se supune he/she/it obeys
ne supunem we obey
vă supuneţi you obey [plural]
se supun they obey
eu lăs I let, I release, I let go
tu leşi you let, you release, you let go [singular]
el/ea lasă he/she/it lets, releases, lets go
noi lăsăm we let, we release, we let go
voi lăsaţi you let, you release, you let go [plural]
ei/ele lasă they let, they release, they let go
eu pun I put, I set, I place
tu pui you put, you set, you place [singular]
el/ea pune he/she/it puts, sets, places
noi punem we put, we set, we place
voi puneţi you put, you set, you place [plural]
ei/ele pun they put, they set, they place
eu obțin I get, I obtain, I acquire
tu obțini you get, you obtain, you acquire [singular]
el/ea obține he/she/it gets, obtains, acquires
noi obținem we get, we obtain, we acquire
voi obțineți you get, you obtain, you acquire [plural]
ei/ele obțin they get, they obtain, they acquire
eu vin I come, I arrive
tu vii you come, you arrive [singular]
el/ea vine he/she/it comes, arrives
noi venim we come, we arrive
voi veniţi you come, you arrive [plural]
ei/ele vin they come, they arrive
eu plec I leave
tu pleci you leave [singular]
el/ea pleacă he/she/it leaves
noi plecăm we leave
voi plecaţi you leave [plural]
ei/ele pleacă they leave
eu răspund I respond, I reply, I answer
tu răspunzi you respond, you reply, you answer [singular]
el/ea răspunde he/she/it responds, replies, answers
noi răspundem we respond, we reply, we answer
voi răspundeţi you respond, you reply, you answer [plural]
ei/ele răspund they respond, they reply, they answer
Created by: matteber