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Stomach Points

ST Overview (Chris- EWCNM)

Front Mu point of LI (large intestines) ST25
Back Shu and Front Mu point BL21 and Ren12
Horary point Earth, ST36
Mother/Child point Fire/Metal
Which ST point regulates jinglou in the head and can treat Yangming headache? ST8
Which ST point is known as the endocrine point that benifits the throat and neck to treat disease of the throat? ST9
Window of the Sky Point ST9
Which two point are considered the Sea of Nourishment? ST36/ST30
What is the 6 channel partner of ST-foot Yangming? LI Hand-Yangming
Which ST point is a landmark only, and both acupuncture and moxa contraindicated? ST17
Which ST point is contraindicated in pregnacy? ST12
This ST point is the last point on the chest and you must check for organomegly before you needle? ST19
Were on the chest does the points go from 4 cun from midline to 2 cun from the midline? ST18
Which ST point found on the abdomen raises Qi to stop diarrhea and treat ulcers and hernias? ST21
Which ST point benifits the urination and can be used to treat enurisis? ST22
This point regulates intestines, stomach, spleen and elimninates stagnation in lower abdomen (uterus) useful in treating masses such as contipation, parasites or stones. ST25
Which point that tonifies kidney qi, strengthen yang and firms essence and is used for male disorders such as premature ejaculation, prostate problems or urinary problems? ST27
Which point that benifits the bladder and uterus and is good for female disorders such as cystitis, mentrual problems, infertility, retention of dead fetus or urinary problems? ST28
Which point that regulates menses and benifits the gentials in both males and females? ST29
This ST point is the meeting point of Chong and the Stomach?Chong=sea of blood (penetrating vessels) ST30
This ST point is the association point of the viens? ST32
Xi Cleft point ST34
This ST point is known as 'calf's nose' and is the association point of the knee and can be used to treat all disorders of the knee including arthritis of the knee? ST35
This is the most important point for treating stomach, spleen, Qi and blood dificiency? ST36
Hea sea point (earth point) ST36
Horary Point ST36
Command point of stomach and middle jaio (were Gu Qi originates) ST36
Lower Hea Sea point of Large intestines ST37
Lower Hea Sea point of Small intestines ST39
This ST point is the emperical point of the shoulders that benifits the shoulder and relaxes the tendons to treat inflammed frozen shoulder. ST38
Lou connecting point ST40
This ST point is the best at transforming phlegm and dampness. ST40 'phlegm fourty'
Jing River point (fire point) ST41
Source point ST42
Shu stream point (wood) St43
This ST point is located on the leg and is used to treat pain/swelling in face and disorders/impairments of the lower extremities as well as treat manic behaviors and delerium. ST41
Which ST point is used to treat dream disturbed sleep, mania and other forms of distrurbed shen by clearnig heat from body and calming the spirit? This is also the most distal point and can be used to treat disoders of the face as well. ST45
What is the combination for frozen shoulder? ST38/LI15
Ying spring point (water) ST44
This ST point is the distal point for facial disorder to treat all disorder of the face as wellas counterflow cold of hands and feet (true heat/false cold). ST44
Jing Well point (metal) ST45
Which ST point is best for insufficent lactation? ST18
Which ST point is best for trigeminal neualgia and is excellent for sinus disorders? ST2
Describe the points along the horzonital line of the umbilicus? Ren8, KD16, ST25, SP15
Which point is best for intercostal neualgia, a remnant of shingles? ST15
Name the point that is 2cun lateral to midline, 4 cun superior to umbilicus, level with REN12 and disperses stagnation, harmonizes the stomach, large intestines and regulates the middle jaio. ST21
Which ST point transforms phlegm and calms the spirit used to treat chronic and acute gastritis as well as metal disorders? ST24
Which ST point is the best for motor impairment, atropy, paralysis of lower extermities and hip? ST31
Which channels is interiorly and exteriorly related to the ST channel? Spleen
Created by: cawalte3