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Rom. Verbs Conj. 02

Romanian Verbs Conjugated 02 - Present Tense

eu fac I do, I make
tu faci you do, you make [singular]
el/ea face he/she/it does, makes
noi facem we do, we make
ei/ele fac they do, they make
eu stau I stay, I stand, I sit
tu stai you stay, you stand, you sit [singular]
el/ea stă he/she/it stays, stands, sits
noi stăm we stay, we stand, we sit
voi stați you stay, you stand, you sit [plural]
ei/ele stau they stay, they stand, they sit
eu merg I go
tu mergi you go [singular]
el/ea merge he/she/it goes
noi mergem we go
voi mergeți you go [plural]
ei/ele merg they go
eu iau I take
tu iei you take [singular]
el/ea ia he/she/it takes
noi luăm we take
voi luați you take [plural]
ei/ele iau they take
eu doresc I wish
tu dorești you wish [singular]
el/ea dorește he/she/it wishes
noi dorim we wish
voi doriți you wish [plural]
ei/ele doresc they wish
eu întreb I ask, I question, I inquire
tu întrebi you ask, you question, you inquire [singular]
el/ea întreabă he/she/it asks, questions, inquires
noi întrebăm we ask, we question, we inquire
voi întrebați you ask, you question, you inquire [plural]
ei/ele întreabă they ask, they question, they inquire
eu lucrez I work, I labor, I do
tu lucrezi you work, you labor, you do [singular]
el/ea lucrează he/she/it works, labors, does
noi lucrăm we work, we labor, we do
voi lucrați you work, you labor, you do [plural]
ei/ele lucrează they work, they labor, they do
eu încerc I try
tu încerci you try [singular]
el/ea încearcă he/she/it tries
noi încercăm we try
voi încercaţi you try [plural]
ei/ele încearcă they try
eu văd I see
tu vezi you see [singular]
el/ea vede he/she/it sees
noi vedem we see
voi vedeți you see [plural]
ei/ele văd they see
eu vorbesc I speak, I talk
tu vorbești you speak, you talk [singular]
el/ea vorbește he/she/it speaks, talks
noi vorbim we speak, we talk
voi vorbiți you speak, you talk [plural]
ei/ele vorbesc they speak, they talk
ei/ele faceți you do, you make [plural]
eu cer I ask, I request, I demand
tu ceri you ask, you request, you demand [singular]
el/ea cere he/she/it asks, requests, demands
noi cerem we ask, we request, we demand
voi cereți you ask, you request, you demand [plural]
ei/ele cer they ask, they request, they demand
eu cumpăr I buy, I purchase
tu cumperi you buy, you purchase [singular]
el/ea cumpără he/she/it buys, purchases
noi cumpărăm we buy, we purchase
voi cumpărați you buy, you purchase [plural]
ei/ele cumpără they buy, they purchase
eu găsesc I find
tu găseşti you find [singular]
el/ea găseşte he/she/it finds
noi găsim we find
voi găsiţi you find [plural]
ei/ele găsesc they find
eu repar I repair
tu repari you repair [singular]
el/ea repară he/she/it repairs
noi reparăm we repair
voi reparaţi you repair [plural]
ei/ele repară they repair
eu cred I believe
tu crezi you believe [singular]
el/ea crede he/she/it believes
noi credem we believe
voi credeţi you believe [plural]
ei/ele cred they believe
eu spun I say, I tell
tu spui you say, you tell [singular]
el/ea spune he/she/it says, tells
noi spunem we say, we tell
voi spuneţi you say, you tell [plural]
ei/ele spun they say, they tell
eu aduc I bring
tu aduci you bring [singular]
el/ea aduce he/she/it brings
noi aducem we bring
voi aduceți you bring [plural]
ei/ele aduc they bring
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