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om diagnosisC

Differentiation of Heart

Differentiation of HeartAetiologySymptomsTonguePulseTreatment PrincipleHerbal FormulaAcu Points
Ht Yang Def may derive from Kd Yang Def Ht Qi def + oppression of chest, feeling of cold, cold limb (hands) & bright pale face Pale, wet, swollen Deep & weak, severe case knotted pulse warm & tonify Ht Yang 1.Bao Yuan Tang Ht5,Ren6, Ren17, Du14, UB15
Ht Yang Collapse severe case of Ht Yang Def Palpitation, SOB, weak & shallow breathing, profuse sweating, cold limb, cynosis of lips, severe case Coma very pale or bluish purple, short deep weak knotted rescue Yang 1.Si Ni Tang 2.Du Shen Tang Ren4, Ren6, Ren8, Du4, Du14, Du20, St36, UB15, UB23, PC6
Ht Blood Def Sp Qi Def, emotional factor(anxiety & worry disturb mind), severe hemorrhage Palpitation, dizziness, insomnia, dream disturb sleep, poor memory, anxiety, propensity to be startly, dull pale face, pale lips Pale thin sli dry choppy or fine nourish Ht Blood & calm Shen 1.Dang Gui Bu Xue 2.Si Wu Tang 3.Severe case Gui Pi Tang Ht7, Pc6, Ren14, Ren15, UB17, UB20
Ht Yin Def long standing emotional problem, unbalance lifestyle(exc busy), extnal heat attack & consume body-fluid & Ht Yin palpitation, insomnia, dream disturb sleep, tend to startled, poor memory, anxiety, mental restlessness, uneasy, malar flush, fidget, low grade fever or hot feeling(evening), night seat, dry mouth & throat, 5 center heat red no coating, red tip & swollen w/ red point, deep midline crack to the tip floating empty & rapid tonify & nourish Ht Yin, nourish Kd Yin & calm Shen 1.Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan Ht6, Ht7, Pc6, Ren14, Ren15, Sp6, K6, K7
Ht Fire Blazing long standing emotional problem(chronic anxiety, constant worrying & depression can lead Qi stag & give rise to Fire palpitation, thirst, mouth & tongue ulcer, mental restlessness, feeling agitate, red face, impulsiveness, feeling of heat, insomnia, dark urine, blood in urine, bitter tast red(tip more red), swollen with red point, yellow coating, may be midline crack reach to tip full rapid esp. on left front position, Hasty or Abrupt clear heat, pacify mind 1.Dao Chi San Ht7, Ht8, Ht9, Ren15, Sp6, K6
Ht blood stag long standing emotional problem(anxiety, grief, anger), derive from Ht Yang def, Ht Qi def, Ht blood def & Ht fire, exc indulgence in greasy food & alcohol drinking palpitation, stab pain in chest which often radiate to inner aspect of left arm or shoulder, stuff of chest, discomfort or feeling of oppression or constrict of chest, in severe case: cyanosis of face, ,lip & nail, cold limb(hand) purplish dark tongue or purplish spot on tongue knotted regulate blood, remove stasis, tonify & warm Ht Yang pacify mind 1.Xue Fu Yu Tang P4, P6, Ht7, Ren17, UB14, UB17, Sp10, K25
Phlegm Misting Ht 1.in children - Constitutional 2.In Adult:exc consump of greasy cold raw food leading to phlegm, formation w/ long standing emotional problem mental confusion, unconscious, lethargic stupor, vomit, rattling sound in throat, aphasia thick sticky slippery coating, midline crack reach to tip of tongue w/ prickle in it & swollen tongue body wiry & slippery open Ht, resolve phlegm, restore consciousness(if unconc) 1.Dao Tan Tang 2.Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang Ht9, P5, UB15, UB20, St40, Du26, Ren12
Phlegm Fire disturb Ht long standing severe emotional problem(Qi stag turn to fire), exc. consumption of hot greasy food create heat & phlegm, extr. heat invade PC, extr. heat can also be contribute factor to the formation of Intr. Phlegm Fire mental restlessness, palpitation, bitter taste, insomnia, incoherent speech, dream disturb sleep, uncontrollable laughter or cry, violent behavior, shouting, mental depression in severe case: aphasia, coma red yellow sticky coating, midline crack to tip of tongue w/ prickle in it, tip may redder & swollen w/ red point full rapid slippery or rapid full wiry clear Ht fire, resolve phlegm & calm mind 1.Wan Dan Tang Ht7, Ht8, Ht9, P5, P7, Ren12, Ren15, Sp6, Liv2, Liv3, UB20, Du20, Du24, Gb13, Gb15
Ht Qi Def severe blood loss, emotional problem (sad) general Qi def+palpitation pale or normal color, severe case midline crack to tip w/ swelling on both side empty or weak Tonify Ht Qi 1.Si Jun Zi Tang (4 Gentlemen Dec 2.Zhi Gan Cao Tang Ht5, Pc6, Ub15, Ren17, Ren6, Du14
Ht Qi Def severe blood loss, emotional problem (sad) general Qi def+palpitation pale or normal color, severe case midline crack to tip w/ swelling on both side empty or weak Tonify Ht Qi 1.Si Jun Zi Tang (4 Gentlemen Dec 2.Zhi Gan Cao Tang Ht5, Pc6, Ub15, Ren17, Ren6, Du14
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