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Chapter 10 A+

Power Supplies

What is the proper voltage for a U.S. electrical outlet? U.S. outlets run at 120V.
What voltages does an ATX12V P1 connector provide for the motherboard? An ATX12V power supply P1 connector provides 3.3, 5, and 12 volts to the motherboard.
What sort of power connector does a floppy disk drive typically use? Floppy drives commonly use a mini connector.
Joachim ordered a new power supply but was surprised when it arrived because it had an extra 4-wire connector. What is that connector? The P4 connector goes into the motherboard to support more power-hungry chips.
What should you keep in mind when testing DC connectors? DC has polarity. The red lead should always touch the hot wire; the black lead should touch a ground wire.
What voltages should the two hot wires on a Molex connector read? A Molex connector's red wires should be at 5 volts; the yellow wire should be at 12volts.
Why is it a good idea to ensure that the slot covers on your computer case are all covered? Keeping the slots covered helps keep a good airflow in your case and keeps the dust and smoke away from all those sensitive internal components.
A PC's power supply provides DC power in what standard configuration? The standard PC power supply configuration has three primary voltage rails, one each for 12-volt, 5-volt, and 3.3-volt connectors.
What feature of ATX systems prevents a user from turning off a system before the operating system has been shut down? The soft power feature of ATX systems prevents a user from turning off a system before the operating system has been shut down.
How many pins does a SATA power connector have? SATA power connectors have 15 pins.
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