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Test 2 Corrections

4. James transferred money to a known international terrorist group linked to a plot to destroy a historical federal landmark. Which federal agency has jurisdiction for this investigation? D. Homeland Security
6. U.S. President Johnson signed into law a bill that Congress sent to him. The Supreme Court declared the law unconstitutional a month later. Which government branch is Congress representing? D. Legislative
7. Felicia does not appear in court at her designated time. What will she forfeit? B. Bail
9. U.S. President Johnson signed into law a bill that Congress sent to him. The Supreme Court declared the law unconstitutional a month later. Which government branch is President Johnson representing? A. Executive
20. A threat against a person's business would violate which element? C. Genuine Agreement
26. A detective caught a suspect who intentionally set fire to a pharmacy. He was not allowed to accept a gift from the proprietor due to: B. Existing Duty
29. Carter construction is building the new civic arena. The construction is expected to take over two years to complete. The contract must be in writing according to which law? B. Statute of Frauds
30. Betty lost her wallet at a school ballgame. She offers a reward of $25 to anyone who returns the wallet. What type of contract is this? C. Unilateral
40. Jason's Deli hires Same as a consultant to improve the menu. The CEO assigns the VP of marketing to assist the consultant. In this scenario, the VP of marketing is the: B. Employee
43. Jason's Deli hires Same as a consultant to improve the menu. The CEO assigns the VP of marketing to assist the consultant. In this scenario, Jason's Deli is the: C. Employer
47. In SCENARIO 3.02C, what is Frank assumed to be by Mrs. Tanner? A. Agency by estoppel
48. In SCENARIO 3.02B, who is the third party? D. Nancy
52. Which agency generates safety policies and regulations for nuclear reactors and materials? C. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
53. Which act establishes activities for recycling, source reduction, and sustainable agriculture, and helps to promote the conservation of energy, water, and natural resources? A. Pollution Prevention Act
60. In SCENARIO 3.04A, what did Nike file with the government to reserve the rights to the saying, " Just Do It?" D. Trademark
64. Craig returned a recently purchased stereo to Electronic Warehouse for a full refund. Last week Craig's credit card bill still showed a charge for the purchase. What law could help craig correct this error? B. Fair Credit Billing Act
65. Kristin obtained a loan from a bank but she never received a statement telling her repayment terms and the annual percentage rate. Which law did this financial institution violate? C. Truth in Lending Law
70. In SCENARIO 4.02A, what type of health insurance does Michael have? A. Group
71. Fran is 80 years and has to go to the doctor every month for treatments. What type of social security benefit will cover her? B. Medicare Benefits
73. In SCENARIO 4.02A, Mr. and Mrs. SMith are concerned about dying together in an auto accident. To be sure their children get the life insurance money, how should the children be listed in the policy> B. Contingent Beneficiaries
76. While married, Kenny is checked into a substance abuse center. Sharon can file for divorce from Kenny based on what grounds? A. Alcoholism
78. After a court order, RIta has been sentenced to a substance abuse center. On what grounds can Kevin file for divorce from Rita? B. Drug addiction
81. Bobby bought a beach home this past summer and wants to add it to his will. What legal document must be completed for this change? B. Codicil
82. Bobby's uncle dies. Bobby received his uncle's mansion. What term describes Bobby in this scenario? D. Heir
83. George signed a document giving his wife permission to act on his behalf during his illness. Which term identifies the type of document George signed? C. Power of Attorney
84. In SCENARIO 6.01A, when Carmen makes a sale, what collection of federal laws deal with the sale, transfer, and purchase of goods? D. Uniform Commercial Code
91. In SCENARIO 6.02B, if Brandon and Marcia DO NOT make the required monthly payments; what can " Busy Banker " legally do? B. Foreclose on the home
93. In SCENARIO 6.02B, the Davis' attorney requires the evidence of ownership in the real property to provide specific written arguments. What type of deed is this? B. General Warranty
94. Amy is going to France for a semester of college abroad. Amy will be back for the last month of the house rental contract. What gives Amy the right to allow her friend, Robin, to rent the house during the semester while Amy is in France? A. Assignment
95. In SCENARIO 6.02A, which term identifies Michael? A. Bailee
96. Tim launched a virus attack against all teacher accounts at the school. What cybercrime did he commit? B. Cybergerm Warfare



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