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Aromatherapy Quiz 1

Stack #160334

One of the aims of aromatherapy massages to relax the recipient
Who wrote the first modern book on aromatherapy? Gattefosee
can essential oils be used directly on the skin? No
This is added to essential oils as a lubricant. Vegetable carrier oil
Carrier oils are non-? volatile
A fruit that produces a carrier oil. advocado
Where should vegetable oils be stored? a cool dark place
Essential oils are mixed with alcohol, vegetable and -? mineral oils
One way essential oils can enter the body The lungs
One of the contra-indicated oils that should not be used in sunlight lemon
What is the blending proportion of essential oils to carrier oils. 21/2%
A well balanced blend of essential oils contains? base, middle and top notes
What is the function of a vegetable carrier oil? To carry essential oils into the epidermis
What affects the quality of oil. Location and how it is grown.
What are synergistic oils? Oils that when blended together increase their individual effects.
Which act makes it illegal to advertise treatments for cancer? The Cancer Act 1939
Which act makes it illegal for any company not employing doctors and nurses to call themselves a 'health centre'? The Companies Act 1985
What does HASWA stand for? Health and Safety at Work Act.
What does COSHH stand for? Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
At what level should the treatment couch be? hip level
Which area of a body should you start a body massage treatment? the back
Created by: Julia Garner