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Stomach Points

ST Actions (Chris-EWCNM)

ST1* benifits eyes, stops lacrimation, elminates wind
ST2*** benifits eyes, eliminates wind (treat disorders of eyes such as facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, eyelids twitching, allergies, sinusitis)
ST3** dispels wind and cold, stops swelling and pain
ST4** eliminates wind from face
ST5** eliminates wind and reduces swelling
ST6*** eliminates wind and reduces swelling, benifits the jaw (treat TMJ, brunxism, lower jaw toothache or mumps)
ST7** Benifits the ear, jaw and teeth
ST8*** benifits eyes, dispels wind and heat, regulates jing-lou in head, sedates fire (treats frontal headaches from dampness or yang rising)
ST9*** regulates qi and blood, lowers rebellion, benifits throat and neck, softens hard masses (treats blood pressure, sore throat, asthma, goiter and other throat disorders)
ST10, ST11* benifits throat and neck, decends Qi
ST12, ST13, ST14* Descends rebellious Qi and unbinds the chest
ST15* Descends rebellious Qi and unbinds the chest, benifits the breast, alleviates itchy painful skin (treat intercostal neuralgia)
ST16** Alleviates cough and wheeze, benifits the breast
ST18** benifits breast, facillitates lactation, reduces swelling, opens lungs, unbinds the chest alleviating cough and wheeze, (local breast disorder point)
ST19** Regulates middle jaio, lowers rebellion in SP/ST, descends Qi alleviating cough and wheeze.
ST20** Regulates the middle jaio, descends rebellious LU/ST
ST21*** Regulates middle jaio,disperses stagnation, regulates Qi, rasies Qi to stop diarrhea
ST22** Regulates intestines, benifits urination, regulates Qi and alleviates pain
ST23** Regulates the middle jaio, transforms phlegm and calms the spirit
ST24** Regulates ST to stops vomitting, transforms phlegm and calms spirit (treats chronic or acute gastritis)
ST25**** Regulates the intestines/SP/ST, resolves dampness and damp-heat, regulates Qi, blood and eliminates stagnation in lower abdomen such as stones, constipation, parasites, etc.., (front mu) (treats all intestines problems)
ST26* regulates Qi and stops pain
ST27*** Benifits the kidneys and firms essence, regulates Qi and promotes urination, (treatment of male disorders)
ST28**** Regulates the lower jaio, dispels stagnation, benifits the bladder and uterus, (treatment of female disorders)
ST29*** warms the lower jaio (uterus), regulates menstration and benifits genitals in both males and females. (treat dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, clotted menstural blood, endometriosis)
ST30**** regulates Qi in lower jaio and genitals, promotes kidney essence (treats impotence), regulates penetrating vessel, subdues running piglet Qi, (meeting point chong and stomach), (treats any disease of reproductive organs, retained placenta)
ST31*** Activates channels and alleviates pain, dispels wind-damp (treat Bi syndrome or wind-stroke, disorders of hip or legs and strengthens the legs)
ST32** Dispels wind damp, (association point of veins)
ST33* Dispels wind damp
ST34*** Harmonizes the ST, moderates acute conditions of stomach (treat hiccups, belching, hiccups, vomitting), (Xi cleft point)
ST35*** Dispels wind-damp and reduces swelling, invigorates the jingluo, (association point of the knee- treats all disorders of knee)
ST36***** Regulates and tonifies SP/ST Qi, resolves dampness, supports and fosters original Qi, tonifies Wei and Ying Qi, nourished Qi and blood, clears fire and calms spirit, revives the yang and restores conscienceness, brightens the eyes, expels wind damp (treat
ST37*** regulates the intestines/SP/ST, transforms stagnation, clears dampness, alleviates diarrhea and dysentary, (lower He Sea of LI)
ST38*** Expels wind-damp, benifts the shoulder, relaxes the tendons, (emperical shoulder point, treats all disorders of shoulder)
ST39** moves SI Qi, transforms stagnation, regulates intestines, clears damp heat, redirects rebellious Qi downward, (lower He Sea of SI)
ST40**** transforms phlegm and dampness in upper jaio, clears phlegm in HT/LU/head and face, (lou connecting, phlegm fourty)(treats all disorders caused by phlegm)
ST41*** clears ST heat and fire, clears mind and calms the spirit, (jing river (fire) and tonification point)
ST42** clears ST heat/fire, regulates ST Fu, clears mind and calms the spirit, (source point)
ST43** regulates SP to dispel edema, regulates ST and intestines, (shu stream
ST44*** clears ST heat, regulates the intestines and promotes digesting, calms spirit, expels wind from face (ying spring, water point, best for facial disorders)
ST45** clears ST heat, calms spirit and restores conscienceness, (jing well, metal point, sedation point)
Created by: cawalte3