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Name four minor characters in Tangerine Luis, Mom, Dad, Erik, Grandmom, Grandpop, Joe Costello, Kari, Luis, Theresa, Tino, Victor, etc.
What was the Main Conflict of the story? Paul had to learn what caused his sight problem
The physical setting of the story is: Tangerine County, FL
The chronological setting of the story Paul's 7th grade year (Erik's senior year)
What is the name of the literary device that was used throughout the book when Paul had a memory? Flashback
What is a protagonist? A person who is good (pro) and tries to solve problems in the story.
What is an antagonist? A character who stands in the way of the protagonist or otherwise causes the main character problems
What is the function (what do they do) of the minor characters in a story? They help in the telling of the story. They help move the plot events along.
What is the plot of the story? The main events of the story
What is the exposition? The introduction of the story that includes: Physical Setting, Chronological Setting, Introduction of the Main Character
What is the symbolism of Paul's glasses in Tangerine? They show that he can see things very clearly--visually and comprehensively.
What was Paul's nickname at LWMS? Mars
What is Paul's nickname at TMS? Fisherman
What nickname was assigned to Joey at Tangerine Middle School? Tuna
Why did Victor give Joey that nickname? Joey was always hanging around Fisherman just like Charley the Tuna was always hanging around waiting for the Starkist fisherman to catch him?
What is the old slogan of Starkist Tuna? Sorry, Charley. Starkist doesn't want Tunas with good taste. Starkist only wants Tunas that taste good!
What is the problem with Joey at Tangerine Middle School? Joey is conceited. He doesn't understand the kids and does not try to be friends or get along with them.
What is it about Paul's personality that allowed him to be successful at Tangerine Middle? He's friendly. He is used to being made fun of. He helps. He sees the other kids as equal, not inferior. He wants to play soccer.
What is the character trait of Mr. _____________ that Paul really appreciates? He pays attention to Paul, not just Erik.
Who are the antagonists in Tangerine? Erik, Mom, and Dad and Coach ___________ at LWMS.
Coach Betty Bright was a facilitator for Antoine Thomas. What did she facilitate? She helped Antoine tell the truth about living in Tangerine but illegally playing for Lake Windsor H.S.
What was the nickname for the Lake Windsor cheerleaders? Seagals
What are two reasons why Joey transferred to Tangerine M.S. ? 1. Paul 2. Soccer
Why was Paul expelled from Tangerine MS when Victor and Tino were only suspended for three weeks? Paul assaulted a teacher; the other boys assaulted another student.
Why was Mrs. Fisher so picky about the houses in Lake Windsor Downs? She never lived in a nice house when she was growing up and she wanted to be sure that the neighborhood houses did not deteriorate.
Name two occasions when Mr. Fisher absolved himself of a difficult situation. 1. Old Charlie Burns scandal. 2. Erik's involvement in the killing of Luis Cruz.
What Plot Event(s) enabled Paul to play soccer at Tangerine MS? 1. Sinkhole 2. Mom tore up his IEP 3. Victor and Tino accepted Paul onto the team.
What was the supposed cause of Paul's poor eye sight--according to Mom and Dad? Solar eclipse
The story begins in what physical setting? 1. The Fisher's recently sold house in Houston.
Foreshadowing is a device the author uses to give clues to the reader. What did Mom's finding a cigarette butt behind the water heater in their Houston garage foreshadow in the story? 1. Erik was hiding something and/or doing something wrong.
Why did Dad erase from his computer the football scholarship folders for the schools back in Houston? They were smaller schools and Dad wanted Erik to go to a football powerhouse like Florida, Florida State, or U of M.
What word would Theresa Cruz likely use to describe Joey and his attitude toward the kids at Tangerine Middle School? (It starts with a "c" and ends with a "d". Conceited
When spelling the word "conceited", what spelling rule do you follow? "I" before "e", except after "c".
Did you like the book, Tangerine? Yes or No (Sort of is a wrong answer.)
What was the EFFECT of Antoine Thomas' conversation with Paul? Paul decided that he would tell the truth.
What famous quote did Antoine state when he was talking about telling the truth? "The truth shall set you free!"
What was the CAUSE of Erik losing most of his friends in school? He asked for the stolen items back, after he had given them to friends.
Does the word "friends" follow the spelling rule, "i" before "e", except after "c"? Yes.
Does the word "weird" follow the spelling rule, "i" before "e", except after "c"? No. The word "weird" is an exception.
What was Luis Cruz afraid of with Paul when he showed up to work in the groves during the big freeze? Luiz thought that Paul (or his parents) might sue the Cruz family if Paul were to get hurt or become sick.
Which school did Paul end up going to in order to finish his seventh grade year? St. Anthony's
Why was St. Anthony's considered a parochial, not a public school? It is a Catholic, religious school that serves mostly people from its parish (parochial).
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