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Age of exploration

The age of exploration

why the Age of Exploration began Influence of the Renaissance,new trade routes Marco Polo,wealth for countries, wealth for explorers, religion
what effect did the influence of the Renaissance have on the Age of Exploration people wanted to learn new ideas and discover new information,it caused people to question old ideas,the Renaissance spirit led Europeans to explore other parts of the world.
what effect did the new trade routes have on the age of exploration since the Arabs and Italians controlled the trade ,other countries such as Portugal and Spain wanted to find new routes to Asia
where did the spices come from the spice islands
where did the silk and jewels come from china
what effect did Marco Polo have on the age of exploration his books encouraged explorers to find new trade routes to the great wealth of the east
what effect did the wealth for countries have on the age of exploration the voyages of exploration were funded mainly by governments.The rulers hoped that the new lands would add to the wealth and power of their countries
what effect did the wealth for the Explorer have on age of exploration the leaders of the voyages hoped that they would gain new riches and titles for themselves
what effect did religion have on the age of exploration Europeans wanted to defeat and conquer the Muslims who controlled north Africa and the trade routes and who had also invaded Europe . the explorers also wanted to convert people of the new lands to Christianity
what where new ships called caravels
the boats where clinker-built what does this mean the boards on the side of the ship overlapped
what were Lateen sails used for sailing against the wind
what where castles raised structures on the decks at the front and back
what were compasses used for to tell sailors which directions they were sailing in
what where quadrants used for to tell the latitude
what where Astrolabes used for to tell the latitude as well
what was a log and line and a sand-glass used for to tell speed
what was a line with lead weight at the end used for to measure depth
what was the logbook used for to record details
what disease's where on the ships Scurvy
where did officers on a boat come from better-off classes
what did sailors eat ships biscuits
where did the sailors sleep on the deck or in hammocks
what forms of punishment was given to the sailors they where flogged or put in chains
when was Henry the Navigator born he was born in 1394
when did Henry the Navigator die he died in 1460
what did he set up a school for for exploration
what was his key achievement sailing East down the coast of Africa to discover the route to the East (India).
what did Bartholomew Dias do rounded the tip of Africa that he called the Cape of Storms. Renamed the Cape of Good Hope.
what did Vasco Da Gama do Rounded the Cape of Good Hope. Named the land he landed on Natal as he landed there on Christmas Day.However he had discovered the route to the East and the Spice Islands.
where did Vasco Da Gama die he died in India
where was Columbus born and when he was born in Genoa in 1451
Why did the explorer set sail? To prove that by sailing west you could reach the East. He called his proposal the “Enterprise of the Indies” Underestimated the size of the World
who sponsored his voyage Voyage sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain
what where the names of his three ships Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria
how many men was given to him 90
how long did the voyage take 1 month (36 days)
why where the sailors worried because it was the first voyage to sail out into open sea
where did he land and what was it called he landed in Bahamas and called it San Salvador
what did he call the natives Indians
where else did he discover Haiti and Cuba,Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Central America and reached South America.
when did he die he died in 1506
Main consequence he discovery of a new continent that was later was called America.
what was the Treaty of Torsedillas this treaty drew a line on the globe from north to south.Land discovered to the west of the line was Spanish and land to the east was Portuguese
when was Ferdinand Magellan born he was born in 1480
when did Ferdinand Magellan die he died in 1521
Why the explorer set sail? Portuguese nobleman in the service of Spain. Thought he could reach the East by sailing West. Convinced the World was much smaller.
who sponsored him he was sponsored by Charles V
how many ships was he given five (5)
how many men was he given 270 men
what did he find he found passage called today the Straits of Magellan
The main discoveries and consequences of his discoveries First voyage to sail around the world (circumnavigate the globe) However route was too long and rarely repeated
what was proven Proved the world was round and greatly increased European knowledge of the world.
what was introduced to the Europe New food introduced to the European diet either from the New World e.g. potatoes or were grown in the New World e.g. sugarcane, coffee and exported to Europe.
what did the Europeans introduce to the natives Europeans introduced new diseases especially smallpox that decimated the native populations e.g. population of the Island of Hispaniola dropped form 1 million to 30,000 in 20 years.
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