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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Study Guide Questions 1 - 48

Julius Caesar Study Guide Questions
Julius Caesar Act 1 Scene 1
How does Shakespeare make the common people seem less than normal? They yell at each other.
What are the people doing that angers Marullus and Flavius? Why does this anger them? They celebrate Julius's victory over Pompey. Marullus and Flavius angrily tell them that they should be cheering for Pompey, not Julius.
What actions do Marullus and Flavius take to correct the situation? They take down the decorations on Caesar’s statues.
Why does Caesar want Calpurnia to stand in Antony’s path during the race in honor of the feast of Lupercal? If Antony touches Calpurnia, she will be pregnant and have children.
What is Antony’s response to Caesar’s instructions? What does this suggest about their relationship? Antony said that Caesar commanded him to do a task and he immediately obeyed. Antony is loyal to Caesar.
What is Caesar’s reaction to the soothsayer’s warning? He says that he is a dreamer.
What complaint does Cassius make about Brutus’s behavior towards him? How does Brutus answer this complaint? Cassius tells Brutus that he is too stubborn and too distant. Brutus answers that he has personal problems.
Cassius’s story attacks what aspect of Caesar’s makeup? What is this attack supposed to say about Brutus? It attacks him being king. Brutus cares for Rome more than Caesar.
What does Cassius mean by the following statement? “‘Brutus will start a spirit as soon as Caesar.’” Cassius means that Caesar and Brutus are equal.
How does Brutus respond to Cassius’s attack on Caesar? He tells him that if he should kill Caesar he will do it for Rome.
What astute observation does Caesar make of Cassius? Cassius reads too much and he is a great observer.
What faults does Caesar see in Cassius’s nature? Cassius thinks too much.
What does Caesar mean by the following statement? “I rather tell the what is to be feared/than what I fear; for always I am Caesar.” Caesar tells people what they should fear than what he fears.
What does this statement show about Caesar’s nature? He is cocky.
What story does Casca relate to Brutus and Cassius? What does Cassius tell us by the personal remarks he adds to the story? When Caesar denied the crown three times, the crowd cheered to urge him to become king.
How did the people react to Caesar’s fit? What does this tell us about their feelings for Caesar? When Caesar had seizures the people were worried about him and they cared about him.
What information does Casca give about Marullus and Flavius? He says they were not given their positions as civil servants because they were seen taking down decorations from Caesar’s statues.
At the end of the scene, what plans does Cassius make to sway Brutus to come to his cause? He forges letters from Romans, saying they support Brutus.
What wondrous things has Casca seen on this night? He sees many people walking around on fire and an owl during the day.
What reason does Cassius give for the terrible storm? He thinks that gods are trying to warn the Romans about a monstrous state.
What important news does Casca give Cassius about the Senate’s plan? The Senators were going to make Caesar king the next day.
What does Cassius mean by the following statement? “He were no lion, were not Romans hinds.” Caesar would not be king without the Roman’s support.
What instructions does Cassius give Cinna that will help sway Brutus to their cause? He forges him the letters to give to Brutus through his windows.
What reason does Casca give for wanting Brutus to join their cause? Casca says that Brutus’s participation in their schemes will be successful.
Julius Caesar Act II Scene I Study Guide Questions
What question is Brutus pondering at the opening of the scene? He is pondering if the crown will change Caesar’s personality.
For what information does Brutus want Lucius to look at a calendar? What is the significance of what Lucius finds? Brutus wants Lucius to look for March 15th on the calendar. Lucius tells Brutus that they are already into March 15th.
Why do the conspirators want Cicero to join them? He will support them.
Why does Brutus reject Cicero? What is Cassius’s reaction and what does this show about his and Brutus’s relationship? Brutus does not want Cicero to join him and the conspirators because he will not follow instructions correctly.
What do the conspirators plan to do the next day? They plan to bring Caesar to the Capitol.
How does Decius say he will make sure that Caesar will come to the Capitol? Decius will force Caesar to come to the Capitol.
What has Portia done to show Brutus that she is worthy of knowing his secrets? She wounded herself.
Julius Caesar Act II Scene II
What strange and horrible things does Calpurnia report to Caesar that have been seen that night? A lioness gave birth in the streets. Graves opened up and the dead rose. Warriors fought in the clouds. The Capitol started raining blood. Horses neighed. Dying men groaned. Ghosts shrieked and squeaked through the streets.
What does Calpurnia mean by the following statement? "When beggars die, there are no comets seen; /The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.” When people die, there are no comets in the sky.
How does Decius convince Caesar to go to the Capitol? Decius tells Caesar to come along with him to kill him.
Act II Scene III
What is Artemidorus’s plan? To send Caesar a warning.
Act II Scene IV
Why is Portia so nervous and upset? On what errand does she send Lucius? She is worried about Caesar. Portia sends Lucius to tell Caesar that she loves him.
Act III Scene I
In regard to Artemidorus’s request, how does Caesar’s nobility doom him? Artemidorus urges Caesar to read his letter, but Caesar pushes it away and refuses.
What is Metellus Cimber’s petition to Caesar? What is Caesar’s response and why does he give this response? Artemidorus urges Caesar to read his letter, but Caesar pushes it away and refuses.
What is Metellus Cimber’s petition to Caesar? What is Caesar’s response and why does he give this response? He bows down and respects Caesar. Caesar tells Metellus not to bow to him.
What does Brutus instruct the conspirators to do before they go before the public? Why does he instruct him to do this? Brutus tells them to go to the Capitol. He will lead them as their king.
What request does Antony’s servant bring to Brutus? What is Brutus’s response? Antony tells his servant to say to Brutus that Rome is not safe for Octavius yet.
Why does Cassius object in letting Antony speak at Caesar’s funeral? What reassurance does Brutus give him? Cassius does not want Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral because Antony may have negative thoughts about Caesar, but Brutus reassures him to think positive thoughts about Caesar.
What promise does Antony give Brutus about his funeral speech? Antony will speak appropriately about Caesar and he will also place his body in the marketplace.
After being left alone with Caesar’s body, what does Antony promise to do? Antony promises to forgive Caesar because he was involved in the plot to assassinate him.
Act III Scene II
What reason does Brutus give for murdering Caesar? What is the crowd’s reaction? Brutus cares for Rome more. Brutus cares for Rome more. The crowd wants him to become king
What final mistake does Brutus make in letting Antony speak? Brutus says that no one should leave except for him when Antony speaks.
Why does Antony read Caesar’s will to the people? The people urge him to do it.
At the end of the scene, what are the fates of Brutus and Cassius? They are running like crazy through the gates of Rome.
Act III Scene III
What is the significance of this scene? The citizens attack and murder Cinna. Then they burn down Brutus’s house, Cassius’s house, Decius’s house, Casca’s house, and Ligarius’s house.
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