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3.0- 3.8

An important part of target marketing in the sports and entertainment industry involves appealing to potential customers who have disposable income
Males between the ages of 18-35 who are sports-minded and live in Orlando, Florida is an example of a niche market
Which of the following is a factor that sports and entertainment marketers consider when targeting customers for a specific event demographics
Repeated exposure to the largest, most diverse population of people is a benefit of ___________ advertising out-of-home
A business wants to create or emphasize positive associations between a specific sport and itself. What type of advertising media should the business consider using? Stadium signage
After a volleyball player wins a gold medal in the summer Olympics, a sunscreen manufacturer pays the athlete to appear in its television commercials and magazine advertisements. This is an example of an endorsement.
The basic elements of a print advertisement are the headline, illustration, copy, and business identification.
The part of a print advertisement that is noticed first by readers is the illustration.
When Arm and Hammer advertises that its baking soda gets rid of odors in refrigerators, its ad copy is pointing out the product's uses.
Which of the following is a characteristic of most online banner advertisements: Interactive
Currently, which of the following mobile advertising strategies has been most successful: Text message with coupon
Which of the following is an effective design technique that adds a personal touch to a direct-mail piece? Using a font that looks like handwriting in the envelope's address section
Which of the following best enables marketers to target specific groups of customers so that the marketers can focus their promotional efforts to get the best results: Direct marketing
Which of the following is most likely to be visible to search engine spiders: HTML text
Which of the following statements regarding direct-mail marketing campaigns is true: They should include a call to action.
One of advantage of using e-mail marketing is that it is cost effective.
A business that asks customers to forward an e-mail to their friends or associates is engaged in viral marketing.
Which of the following is an example of a business's using e-mail in a timely manner Sending customers a notice of tomorrow's sale
Which one of the following computer programs prevents email messages containing the word "free" in the subject header from entering an inbox: Filters
What is a guideline for businesses to follow when creating mailing lists? Choose individuals who want the e-mail
For higher response rates, businesses should develop marketing e-mail messages that are short, simple, and understandable.
What is the percentage of reach for a local radio sporting-goods advertisement if the target audience is 875,000 18-30 yr.old males and 393,750 of the target audience is exposed to the message? 45
The cost to a business of radio spots will vary with the number of listeners being reached.
A sport/event organization can determine advertising reach of a magazine by analyzing the publication's circulation.
A business that asks to have an advertisement presented at a specific time on the air or in a special place in a newspaper will pay a higher price for the ad.
Which of the following is a qualitative media factor used in the selection of promotional media: Impact
A business owner who wants to obtain a reduced rate for a series of local radio commercials might contract for what type of promotion? Package
One reason it is important for professional sport/event organizations to develop advance ticket sales plans is because the generated revenue helps organizations to cover pre-event expenses.
An advertiser spent $117,000 for 12 television spots with a total of 240 GRPs (gross rating points). What was the cost per GRP? 487.5
Created by: dbruinton