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Exam Study

3. Linda is creating a custom template. If she uses the tools found on the Review tab and proofreads her document, which important question is she answering? D) Will the template have correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation?
7. Helen wants to have places in her template where users can choose one of several options to fill in the blank. Which tool would she use? A) Content Controls
8. What is the control center located below the title bar at the top of the Word 2010 window called? C) Ribbon
9. How do users switch from one ribbon to another in word 2010? C) Click the tab of the ribbon they wish to access
11. Which ribbon is used to insert a new row into a word 2010 table? C) Table Tools Layout Ribbon
22. Which command on the home ribbon allows a user to change the case of selected text to all uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, toggle case,or capitalize each word? B) Superscript
25. What is the process of changing the way characters appear, both on screen and in print, to improve document readability? C) Character Formatting
29. What is the quick way to close the Header and Footer view in a Word 2010 document? D) Double-Click the dimmed document text
30. Mark created a three column newsletter. He wants to end the first column early to insert a picture below it. What should Mark do? C) Insert a Column Break
33. Which of the small, white circles surrounding a graphic allows a user to proportionately resize the graphic? C) Corner
40. In order to save merged documents in a file or edit the contents of the individual merged letters, which merge option should be selected? A) Edit Individual Letters
44. Travis wants to make sure his presentation is organized in the best arrangement. He needs to view as many slides as possible in one view. Which feature of Powerpoint should Travis view? B) Slide Sorter
49. Mason has set up 5 slides in his presentation and is ready to enter some text. He wants to enter text without having to think about other Powerpoint elements such as graphics, pictures, sound and animation. He just wants to focus on entering text. The C) Outline
50. In preparation for an upcoming meeting, Liam is creating a Powerpoint presentation. If Liam would like to focus only on content, which feature should he use? C) Outline
51. As the newly elected president of FBLA, Midy is creating a presentation to be used at the next meeting. She is finished with the slide she is working on and wants to insert another one in the default arrangement. In slide pane view, Mindy can right-cl B) Duplicate Slide
53. Pam is using the outline view in powerpoint. She would like to hide the detailed content of all her slides. Which command should she use? C) Demote
56. Dave wants to print slides 7, 12 and 19-32 of his presentation at the same time. Which print option would allow Dave to enter the slide numbers that he wants to print? B) Print all slides
60. Gregory is making a presentation to encourage fellow students to join the prom committee. He would like to emphasize the date of the first meeting by making it bold. Which would include options for accomplishing this? A) Font
61. Which area in the print dialog box is used the default printer? B) Printer Status dropdown
62.In her history presentation, Bobbie wants to include her class period on all slides except the first. Which option in the Header and Footer dialog box would she select? A) Don't show on title slide
63. Steve is ready to begin developing the slides for his presentation. Which is the default slide layout for slide 1 of a new presentation? D) Title Slide
67. Ashley wants to make a printed copy of her presentation exactly as shown to her audience. Which print option should she use? A) Full Page Slides
69. Which ribbon includes the command to create presentation slides from an outline? A) Home
71. Which print setting enables multiple slides to be printed on one page? D) Handouts
83. Which ribbon contains the command to create a link to a new location? B) Insert
90. Which ribbon contains commands that apply an entrance effect to a chart? A) Animations
91. Evan completed his Accounting PowerPoint and decided that his animations on slide 3 need to be switched to create a more audience friendly presentation. Which animation feature should he choose to complete this change? B) Reorder Animation
98. One of Janice's presentation slides has content that is taller than it is wide. Which command on the design tab would she use to change this? C) Slide Orientation
100. Which command is used to record the time a presenter spends on each slide in order to run the show automatically in the future? C) Rehearse Timings
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