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startling amazing
to spring up out of nowhere to come up out of nowhere a foreman
profoundly wnikliwie quarry (noun)
shabby obskurny interjection
layman laik
to whirr brzęczeć
dubious wątpliwy
all in good time at some time when it is convenient
(be/come/leave) on time arrive punctually
time and time again repeatedly
a bit pressed for time in a bit of a hurry
at the best of times in favourable circumstances
to kill time to pass the time
to buy time to delay things
just in the nick of time with only seconds to spare
for the time being as a temporary measure
now's a fine time this is a very inconvenient moment
chimera an imaginary monster
skeletal extremely thin
timid płochliwy, nieśmiały
to cram zakuwać
profoundly wnikliwie
quarry zdobycz
to impart nadawać, dodawać
to emerge to appeara
gimmick sztuczka, chwyt
deterioration pogorszenie
immense ogromny
inferiority complex kompleks niższości
barrage zapora
to weave pleść, snuć opowieści
to exhort namawiać, wzywać
itinerary przewodnik (książka)
the realm the idea of knowledge
a drudgery hard boring work describing sth that sb has done or used personally rather than read or learned about
to repot przesadzać (roślinę, np. do innej doniczki)
to trim przycinać, podcinać (roślinę)
an input wkład, udział
to gain steam to grow in power
to sway to change sb's mind, convince of another POV
to uphold podtrzymać decyzję w mocy
to jump on the bandwagon dołączyć do robienia czegoś
bottomline punkt krytyczny, newralgiczny
get away with escape w/o punishment
get round to avoid (some problem)
get through it dotrzeć do kogoś
get at sm criticize repeatedly
be gutted be upset
be earmarked be destinied
be deemed uważane za
be baffled be shocked
be strewn usiane, porozrzucane
be bowled over to surprise or overwhelm someone. (Fixed order.) The news bowled me over or to knock sb out.
be taken aback shocked
be sworn in zostać zaprzysiężonym, to administer an oath to someone who then officially begins in office
to scale down to reduce the size or cost of something
be cought up wciągnąć się
talk down to win at debating someone. Liz was able to talk her opponent down. She talked down her opponent.
be trifled with to act without seriousness or respect toward someone or something
rain off przełożyć/odwolać z powodu deszczu
to pounce on in order to criticize
to short list
to dubb dodać efekty dzwiękowe
dwarf pomniejszać
inundate zalać
schdeule planować
shroud osłaniać
to swamp with zalać
be disconcerted with embarrased
to hand down wręczyć przekazać,
downturn crisis
couch in She couched her words in an overly polite manner.
reprieve odroczyć wyrok
mesermized zahipnotyzowany
foremost najbardziej
extravagant rozrzutny
installment A chapter or part of a literary work presented serially.
detain to delay; hold back; stop
incorporate To unite (one thing) with something else already in existence: incorporated the letter into her diary.
take your fancy do what u want
let off w/o punishment
slow on the uptake wolno chwytać, być skażonym deblizmem
venture An undertaking that is dangerous, daring, or of uncertain outcome
come out publish
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