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Rascal Vocabulary

Extreme delight Ecstasy
A main branch of a tree Bough
A form of language Dialect
To cause someone to feel worried Dismay
Move; tactic Maneuver
Not clear in meaning Vaguely
Having necessary ability or skills Competent
Far away Remote
Loud and unpleasant to listen to Raucous
Very steep Precipitous
In great harm Peril
Working in a very careful and organized way Methodically
Granted on sufferance Permissive
A person who is violent and mentally ill Maniac
A person who is very strict Martinet
Rude and showing a lack of respect Impertinent
To use in a foolish way Squander
Very fierce or violent Ferocious
Filled to excess Satiated
A state or feeling of happiness Rapturous
A small stream of water or liquid Rivulet
A very steep side of a mountain or cliff Precipice
A feeling of being satisfied Complacency
Very small in size or amount Scant
Being kept in a place Captivity
Exactness or accuracy Precision
Very serious Stern
Active mainly at night Nocturnal
To put off to a later time Postpone
Acting quickly without thought Impetuous
Something that a horse does Canter
A person who makes are repairers casks or barrels Cooper
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