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Chp. 6

Protein Nutrition

Protein Essiential in human body helps maintainhealthy body
Amino Acids Building blocks of cells contains Nitrogen
How many out of the 20 amino acidsare considered essiential 9
Transamination Process of transferring the amine group to amino group to make a new amino acid
Transcription Messenger RNA opies genetic information from DNA in the nucleus
Limiting Amino acid essential amino acid that is missingslows down protein synthesis
What is the only type of food considered as Complete Protein Soybeans
Role of dietary protein Maintain body tissue
What is the standard use of measuring Protein Eggs (100)
Pepsinogen active form/role Pepsin breaks proteint to smaller amino acids
Protease Enzyme from pancreas breaks peptide bonds to free amino acids
Peptidases Enzyme from instestnial cells splits peptide bonds inot single amino acids for absorption
Use of Protein For Cell growth Repair and maintenance
Transport Proteins Proteins help transport substances throught the body across cell membranes
Edema dissorder where fluids build up in the tusse spaces of the body
Acidosis disorder where blood becomes acidic
alkalosis disorder where blood becomes basic,too littleHydrogen
Deamination Loss of Nitrogen,produces ammonia, convertedto urea
RDA for protein for sedentary people 0.8gram per kilogram of body weight
Sickel cell anemia Gentic disorder,blood sickel shape,unable to travel well in bloodstream
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