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worksheet a table of data that is organized into rows and columns .
workbook the excel file that holds your worksheets
range a group of cells , that you can make the same changes to all cells in the range .
Autofit a tool that can change the width of a column to fit the longest entry or change the height of a row to fit the font.
arithmetic operator a symbol that represents a specific ac-tion
formula is a calculation in Excel that describes the relationships between cells
function a built in formula in Excel , you tell Excel which cells to use for a function.
Autosum button on the Formulas tab , is the shortcut of the Sum function
relative addresing refers to change a formula makes when it is moved or copies to other cells with different data .
sort a way of arranging data in a particular order
criteria characteristics that define an item , such as age or last name .
ascending sort a sort to rearrange data from lowest to highest
descending sort a sort to rearrange data from highest to lowest
Hiding another way to reduce the amount of information displayed .
chart known as a graph , is a visual way to display and compare data
filter finds the information you need and hides the rest .
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