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Antigone Vocab

Carrion dead and putrefying flesh
marshalled arranged in proper order
yawning being or standing wide open
sate to satisfy
auspicious promising success
comprehensive of large scope
graven deeply impressed
sultry oppressively hot
deference respectful submission to the will of another
subordinate to place in a lower order or rank
slacken to become looser
perverse willfully determined or disposed to go counter to what is expected or desired
sheet a sail as on a ship or boat
somberly gloomily, depressingly
absolve to free from guilt
vigil wakefulness maintained for any reason during normal sleeping hours
dirge a funeral song or tune
transgress to violate a law
profane to misuse
revel to take great pleasure or delight
untrammeled not limited or restricted
paean hymn in praise of a god in whose honor the greeks performed their plays
jangling producing a harsh, discordant sound
welter a confused mass, a jumble or muddle
doddering shaking or trembling, as from old age
defile to make unclean
barrow a large mound of earth or stones placed over a burial site
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