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ICS2O1 Strand 2

ICS2O1 Strand 2 App Inventor

App Inventor Development Cycle Steps 1. Design/Redesign 2. Create UI 3. Code blocks 4. Test/Debug
An event Doing something in the app such as clicking on a button for example.
An action A result of the event happening (i.e. press the button (the event) and display a graphic (the action)).
IPO Input, Processing, Output
Input An input is information that must be received by the app once it starts.
Processing Processing is the action the app must perform to obtain the desired result.
Output An output is the information that the app must provide to the user.
Virtual Machine A recreation of an environment (say the Andriod phone) in another computing environment (say the PC).
Algorithm A list of steps written in English that the program will have to perform.
Bug An error which stops your code working as expected.
Syntax error The rules of the language have been broken, e.g. by mis-spelling a command.
Logic error This means your code runs, but doesn't do what you expect.
Debugging Finding and fixing the errors in a program.
Rubber Duckie The process of talking about what your code SHOULD do while comparing it to what it ACTUALLY does. Note, you don't need a real rubber duckie to do this!
Variable A space in a computer's memory where we can hold information used by our program
Number variable Can contain whole numbers or decimal numbers
String variable Can contain text, characters, or numbers but surrounded by " ".
Boolean variable Can contain either true or false.
Mathematic operators Perform a calculation. Found in the Math blocks. Examples: add, subtract, multiply, divide, and exponents.
Joining strings Can be done with the join block (see ai2 codes)
Sprite A 2D image inserted into a larger screen.
Procedure Very useful in coding. Eliminates repetitive codes. Lets us break a problem down into smaller problems and solve each one separately.
If Block Found under Controls. Allows for one branch. Here's how it works: If <condition is true> then do some sort of action (code)
Condition A statement that results in either two outcomes (true or false, yes or no, 1 or zero).
Conditional Blocks Code blocks that make comparisons - result in a true or false result (Boolean value). Found in Math blocks: Ex: 3 = 3  TRUE Ex: 2 > 10  FALSE
IF ELSE Block 2 way branching. 1 branch is for if the condition is true and the other is for if it is false
If - Else if - Else ladder App inventor checks the 1st if Statement and then the else ifStatement if it has to. Finally it will Check the Else statement if The other two are not true!
Compound Conditions - AND & OR Used to check if two or more conditions have been met Example: To get to level 2 the user must kill the boss AND have 100 gold
Counted Repetition (For Statement) Used to repeat blocks of code N amount of times.
Conditional Loop A conditional loop is used when we don't know in advance how often a process will have to be repeated.
List A collection of related data (i.e. high scores) stored to a variable.
List index The position of an element in a list The first spot is index 1, the second spot is index 2, etc.
Created by: ethan-seekum