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SPSC 2252

Contempary Health issues

Belief Appraisal to between a relationship to an object,actions or idea
Attitude Stabel set of beliefs, feelings behaviours in relation to someone
Theory of Reasoned action Our intentions generate our BEHAVIOURS
Situtional Inducement Using Situations to help control our behaviours
Complusion Obsessive actions with a behaviour or substance and a overwhemling need to have it
Stress Any physical or mental response to demands placed on us
Stressor Physical social or mental event or condition that cause our bodys to adjust to it
Emotions The "feeling" part in psychosocial health
Social bonds being able to link to society
Anxiety disorders feelings of threat and anxiety in coping with everyday problems
Phobia Deep persistant fear of an object, activty or situation
Factors influencing behaviour Predisposing,Enabling,Reinforceing
Spontaneous Remission Dissapreance of a symptons without any treatment
Relative Risk risk of developing a disease when exposed to something to the risk of not getting it when not exposed.
What does it take to be Psychologically healthy -Ability to adapt to social situations-Be likeable friendly-open to new things-maintain social control-self control, needs to achieve
Prochaskas stages PrecontemplationContemplationPrepartionActionMaintenanceTermination
Psychoneuroimmunology science of interactions between mind/body
What System is responsible for stress arousal Sympathetic nervous system
Adrenocorticotrophic horomone (ACTH) stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete cortisol
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