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History Vocab


referendum a direct popular vote on a measure or proposed law
stalemate a deadlock,, or situation in which neither of two opponents can move further
archipelago a group or chain of islands
refugee person who must leave his or her home and flee elsewhere for safety
quota a specified number or amount
pragmatists in China, a moderate who advocated economic reform and trade with the West
sect a group with distinct beliefs within a large religious group
special economic zones areas of China where foreign businesses and a free market were allowed to operate in the 1800's
domino theory cold war belief that if one nation became communist, so would its neighbors
nonaligned not taking sides with either of the superpowers in the cold war
pollution putting toxic or impure substances into the air, land, or water
gross domestic product(GDP) total value of goods and services produced within a country in a year
general strike strike involving workers from many parts of a nation's economy
colons French settlers in the colon of Algeria
clans group based on family ties
negritude a literary movement that emphasizes and takes pride in Africa's cultural heritage
pan-africanism movement encouraging unity and cooperation among African nations
desertification process of fertile land becoming desert
cash crops farm product grown to be sold or tracked, not used by the farmer
apartheid official policy of strict racial separation and discrimination practiced in South Africa from 1948 to early 1990's
genocide deliberate attempt to kill all members of a racial, cultural, ethnic group
literacy rate the percentage of a country's adult population who can read and write
disengagement act of freeing oneself or withdrawing from a situation
nationalized to bring a private industry under government control
fundementalism movement emphasizing adherence to traditional religious laws and practices
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