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A&E Final Combos

Actions & Effects Final Combos

HA local pts GB20, GB21, GB14, GB1, GB4-7, GB8, GV20, Sishencong, Yintang, Yuyao, Taiyang
HA distal pts LI4, TW5, TW6, GB44
Neck pain w/ restricted movement local pts GV15, GV14, Huatojiaji, GB20, GB21, Bailao
Neck pain w/ restricted movement distal pts LU7, SI3, SI6, BL60, GB39, Luozhen
Whiplash tx pts SI3, BL62, TW5, GB41
Back pain local pts Huatojiaji, GV14, GV8, GV4, GV3, BL54, Yaoyan, Josen
Back pain distal pts SI3, GV26 combo
Back pain extremities distal pts BL40, BL57, BL58, BL60, Yaotongxue
Sciatica BL channel pts BL36, BL37
Sciatica GB channel pts GB29, GB30, GB34
Hip pain pts GB29, GB30
Shoulder pain local pts LI15, LI10, HT1, TW14, TW15, Jianqian/Jianneiling
Shoulder pain distal pts ST38
Scapula/upper back/neck pain pts SI9-13 esp. SI11, GB20, GB21
Jaw pain/TMJ pts ST5-7, TW21, GB2, GB3
Jaw pain with teeth grinding b/c LV Qi stagnation ST6, GB20, GB21, LV3
Elbow pain local pts LI10, LI11, HT3, SI8, TW10, PC3
All 5 finger pain w/ flexion/extension difficulty pts SI4, SI7, LI5, TW3
Carpal tunnel syndrome pts PC7, PC5, PC6, LI10
Hands/Feet neuropathy pts Baxie/Bafeng
Knee pain local pts ST35, ST34, GB34, SP10, SP9, Xiyan, Heding
Ankle pain local pts SP5, LV4, ST41, GB40, BL60
Lateral aspect pain pts TW5, TW6, GB41, GB34
Tonify Qi pts SP6, ST36, CV6, CV12, UW esp. CV17, LU9
Tonify Blood (HT & LV) pts SP6, ST36, LV8, CV4, HT7, BL15, BL17, BL18, BL20
Tonify Yin or Yang pts KI3, SP6, ST36, CV4, BL23
Raise clear Yang pts GV20, Sishencong
Tonify SP Qi, resolve dampness pts SP3, SP6, SP9
Excess fluids, resolve damp heat in LW pts CV3, CV9, ST28, ST39
Regulate water metabolism, stimulate lymphatic system pts BL39, BL22
Invigorate blood for stagnation in LW pts SP4, SP6, SP8, SP10
Descend rebellious ST Qi pts CV12, ST21
Severe vomiting in early pregnancy, rebellious ST/Chong Mai Qi pts SP4, PC6, CV12, ST21, BL21
Release exterior Wind-Heat pts GV14, GV16, LI4, LU7, TW5, GB20
Clear LU heat and phlegm pts LU5, LI11, ST40
Cough w/ bloody sputum, laryngitis from Wind-Heat pts LU6, LI11
Severe sore throat, tonsillitis, sudden loss of voice pts LU10, LI11, LU11, LI18, HT4, Erjian
Asthma w/ rebellious LU Qi pts CV22, LU7, Dingchuan
Nose problems pts GV23, LI4, LI20, GB15, Bitong, Biyan
Sinus congestion/infection w/ fire & phlegm pts ST44, ST2, ST3, ST8, ST40
Throat and speech/tongue problems pts GV15, CV23, HT5
Bell’s Palsy pts CV24, ST4, ST6, TW17
Ears blocked by Phlegm local pts TW21, SI19, GB2, TW17, TW16
Ears blocked by Phlegm distal pts TW3, TW5, TW10, TW16
Diaphragmatic spasm & constraint pts CV15, GV9, BL16, BL17, adjacent Huatojiaji, w/ LV GV8, BL18, LV3
Promote labor & delivery pts SP6, LI4, Liaos, Electroacu
Excessive menstrual bleeding pts SP1 direct moxa, SP8, HT5
Nightsweats pts HT6, SI3, LI11
Cystitis w/ Damp-Heat in BL pts CV3, HT5, HT8, LI11, SP9, BL27, BL28, BL39
Skin disorders w/ Damp-Heat & Blood Stagnation pts SP6, SP10, LI11, BL40, GB31
Float the boat/constipation w/ dry, hard stools pts SP6, KD6, TW6
Disorders of intestines pts ST25, BL25, ST37
Hemorrhoids pts BL57, GV1, GV20, Erbai
Breast disorders local pts ST16, ST17 (Nipple/no Tx) ST18, PC1
Breast disorders distal pts SI1, SI11, LV3, GB41
Four Flowers/nourish & invigorate Blood & Yin, clears Damp-Heat in LV/GB pts BL17, BL19
GV8 helps the function of? BL18 (T9)
GV9 helps the function of? BL17 (T7)
GV11 helps the function of? BL15 (T5)
GV12 helps the function of? BL13 (T3)
SP15 helps the function of? ST25
LU Mu/Shu combo pts LU1, BL13
HT Mu/Shu combo pts CV14, BL15
Edema, facial puffiness, descends LU Qi Source/Luo combo pts LU9, LI6
Strengthens SP & transforms phlegm Source/Luo combo pts SP3, ST40
Calms & strengthens Spirit Source/Luo combo pts HT7, SI7
Tonify KD, esp. LBP b/c KD deficiency Source/Luo combo pts KI3, BL58
LU pathology w/ grief issues pts BL13, BL42 (inner, outer BL line)
HT or LV pathology w/ anxiety, depression, stress pts BL14, BL43 (inner, outer BL line)
HT or KD pathology w/ anxiety, insomnia, manic behavior pts BL15, BL44 (inner, outer BL line)
LV pathology w/ anger, constraint, insomnia pts BL18, BL47 (inner, outer BL line)
SP pathology w/ worry, concentration, anxiety pts BL20, BL49 (inner, outer BL line)
BL or KD pathology w/ will power, courage, drive pts BL23, BL52 (inner, outer BL line)
Created by: clehmann