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Pygmalion Acts I - V

Alfred Doolittle Eliza's father who starts out poor but becomes rich and miserable
Eliza Doolittle Lower class flower girl who undergoes a transformation under Henry Higgins a linguistic tutor
Professor Henry Higgins A professor of phonetics and linguistics [spoken language] who is a rude pushy man who cares more about using Eliza as an experiment than as a human being
Mrs. Higgins Mother of Henry Higgins; is concerned that her son's experiment will lead to long term problems for Eliza
Freddy Eynsford Hill A young aristocrat who falls in love with Eliza but has a weak character and bad work ethic
Colonel Pickering Caring sensitive linguist who teaches Eliza good manners through his kindness
Name 4 Themes of Pygmalion 1- all people should be treated equally; 2- women should have same rights as men; 3- appearances can be deceiving; 4- language shows a person's identity
Author of Pygmalion "My Fair Lady" George Bernard Shaw
Prof. Higgins writes down _______. Phonetic pronunciations of dialects he hears
2 new experiences Eliza has at Prof. and Mrs. Higgins's house 1-takes her first bath; 2-gets a change of clothing for bedtime
Why does Doolittle [Eliza's dad] visit Higgins Doolittle wants Higgins to pay him money [5 pounds-British currency] for allowing Higgins to keep Eliza
How Eliza must change to become a "lady" She must be clean, well dressed, have good manners, speak with correct grammar and an educated accent
Why Doolittle has a changed appearance An American millionaire left him a lot of money and now he dresses like a wealthy person
What Liza discusses at the social gathering at the Higgins' home The weather, her aunt's influenza, and her opinion that someone "did the old woman in" which is crass but Higgins tries to explain is the "new small talk"
What Higgins tells Liza is the "Great Secret" to handling people Having the same manners for all people and treating all people as equal
Explain the relationship between LANGUAGE and CLASS Language reveals a person's background and level of social class.
Created by: gotmo
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