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Final Study Guide

Arbitrate to decide
Canine dog
Epidemic Wide spread disease
Figment imagined story
Perceive to understand
Pique to wound
reprimand to scold
barren unproductive
dynasty family rules
dissuade to persuade
hazard danger
mutual joint
plague disease
regime formal government
fickle likely to change
rural country
iota small iniquity
counterfeit fake
germinate to sprout
interrogate to question
renovate to remodel
gravity downward pull
buffoon clown
hostile unfriendly
scurry to move quickly
virtual almost/nearly
inflict to deliver
brood family of animals
culminate to highest point
goad to provoke or annoy
singe to burn
seethe to boil with anger
indulge to satisfy
luster radiant
dupe to trick
quaint old fashion
scrimp to be sparingly thrifty
perjury to lie
accept to receive
except excluding
affect action
effect end result
capital letters
capitol building
cite action
site location
desert barren land
dessert yummy food
farther figurative
further distance
good adjective
well adverb
its possessive
it's it is
lie not direct
lay direct
loose adjective
me, I always put yourslef last, imagine other person is gone
principal person/most
principle rule/law
then sequence/next
their possessive
they're they are
there location
through preposition
threw past tense to throw
were past tense
we're we are
where location
who subject
whom object
whose possessive
who's who is
your possessive
you're you are
Created by: Britttany_Schon